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Date: 18 February 1998
From: Ian Gollege <>
Subject: Bookshops

For Saint fans in Brisbane, you can often find Saint books in most secondhand bookstores. Particular shops that I've found to be good are Archives Bookstore in Charlotte Street (near George St), and LLoyds in the Elizabeth Arcade.

There's only a couple of videos available, but the best place to look for them is The Record Market in the Queen Street Mall. The Roger Moore episodes are currently playing on 'Nick at Nite' on Foxtel Monday nights. Occassionally, you can catch a few of the old RKO films, or the Simon Dutton movies, on Channel 7 in the early hours of the morning."



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Date: 18 February 1998
From: Vince Dale <>
Subject: Re: Bookshops

In Sydney, you could try Abbeys Bookshop in York Street, Town Hall. They have the largest selection of mystery titles I have seen. Another good shop is Dymocks in George Street.





Date: 26 February
From: Ian Gollege <>
Subject: New Saint Schedule on Foxtel

Many of you will know that Foxtel has been playing the Roger Moore series of The Saint on Monday nights.  The Good News is that from Monday 2 March The Saint will be on five nights a week! 

The channel to watch is Nickelodeon's 'Nick at Nite'; the time to watch is 9.30pm EDST (ie 8.30 pm in Brisbane) with repeat screenings at 3.30am the following morning.  (With The Persuaders screening on Thursday nights, how much Moore could you want?!)"





Date: 08 April
From: Ian Gollege <>
Subject: Honourable Mentions

Following the official public launch of OzSaint this week, we're happy to make honourable mention of Simon Black and Kevin Francis. Kevin, from South Australia, has the distinction of being the first Australian fan to sign the Guestbook.

Simon, from the UK, has very generously contributed bookcover images and cover images from the THR WIDTH=70%ILLER magazines in which many Saint stories were originally published. You can see these images on the Book Covers page. Well done, guys!

Remember, OzSaint is for Saint fans. So if you have something to say, to
ask, or you just want to say Hi! to other Saint fans, this is the place to
do it. Just email Vince or myself, or if you have Saintly
friends who do not have email, write to:

Ian Golledge
Honorary Secretary, OzSaint
2/9 Bedser Street




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Date: 23 April 1998
Subject: The Saints?

Hi Vince,

A friend tells me that in one episode Roger Moore walks into a nightclub where seminal Aussie punks "the Saints" are playing.

I would love to find out if this is true, and what episode it was.






Date: 29 April
From: Ian Gollege <>
Subject: Simon Dutton and Ian Ogilvy on the Web.

Hunting around on the 'net recently, I came across a page on Simon Dutton, [] star of the six Saint TV movies from 1989. The page is part of a site maintained by Simon's management, Marmont Management. While the site is under construction, Simon's page includes one B&W photo and a comprehensive career listing. He's been busy!

And while you're surfing the 'net for things Saintly, the illustrious Ian Dickerson of the Saint Club has recently created a page for all things Ian Ogilvy [], star of RETURN OF THE SAINT. Saint Ian's second novel, THE POLKERTON GIANT has just been released in hardcover in the UK (and I'll be able to let you know shortly of the availability of both of his books in Australia). On US TV last month, Ian appeared in an episode of BABYLON 5.





Date: 28 May
From: Ian Gollege <>

Make the most of the Roger Moore episodes on NICK-AT-NITE this week, friends, 'cause next week (from 2 June) THE SAINT screens just once a week.

For those of you who expect serious symptoms of withdrawal, you'll have to tune in to NICK-AT-NITE 10.30 pm Tuesdays.  (First they pull THE PERSUADERS, now THE SAINT is reduced to one screening a week...No wonder the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket...!)

Also, Simon Dutton's DANGEROUS BEAUTY has gone into limbo.  The film was scheduled for release (here in Brisbane, at least) last week.  It hasn't shown up, and the cinema now tells me that it remains unscheduled.  (Ian Dickerson at THE SAINT CLUB tells me the film went straight to video in Europe).

For the BABYLON 5 fans amongst us (myself included!) I'm told that Ian Ogilvy's recent appearance in the season five episode IN THE KINGDOM OF THE BLIND sees SaintIan donning Centauri garb (and hairdo!) to play Lord Jano, longtime friend of Peter Jurasik's Ambassador Londo Mollari.

Unfortunately, it's only a brief appearance...

Vince Dale has been busy recently.  There is a new page with a few pictures from the 1979 RETURN OF THE SAINT ANNUAL.  Have you ever wondered what the Saint's kitchen looks like?!  Vince has also added a MIDI file of the Saint theme..."

Thanks, Ian





Date: 23 June
From: Ian Dickerson
Subject: Lofts and Adley Book for sale

Thought you might be interested to know that Larsen Books, Middle Road ,
Exeter, NSW, , Australia, 2579. ( ( Ph: 61 2 4883 4450. Fax: 61 2 4883 4452) has "The Saint and Leslie Charteris" by Bill Lofts and Derek Adley for sale at only A$ 25.





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Date: 28 May 1998
From: Ian Gollege <>
Subject:The Saint and the Saints

Back in April, Tim Kuschel wrote to OzSaint to ask about the appearance of the punk band THE SAINTS in an episode of the Saint.  After much intensive research  (I was forced to watch a whole bunch of episodes; well, someone tipped me off where to look...) I am able to report the following.

THE SAINTS did not appear in a Roger Moore episode;  they did, however, appear in an Ian Ogilvy episode of RETURN OF THE SAINT.

The episode was THE ARRANGEMENT, guest starring Sara Douglas and Carolyn

Seymour.  The episode is about two women who jokingly agree to kill their husbands - only one of them isn't joking...

The Saints are performing in a nightclub, where some of the action takes place.  The entire sequence is about two minutes, and there are close-ups of the singer and the drummer (sorry, I don't know their names...). However, Ogilvy is not featured in this scene.

This has been a community service announcement proudly presented by OzSaint





Date: 9 August
From: Ian Gollege <>
Subject:Moore Stuff And More Stuff

For those of you with Foxtel, there's a few programs airing in August that might interest you...

Later in the month is a biographic special ROGER MOORE: A MATTER OF CLASS. The magazine says "There's more to Roger Moore than James Bond," but we already knew that, didn't we?

In conjunction with this, there's also two of RMs early films, DIANE and THE KINGS THIEF. I haven't seen them before so I can't tell you much about them, so you'll just have to watch them...

Something else you may like to have a look at is THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, starring Ronald Colman and Douglas Fairbanks. When RKO started making the Saint films, Leslie Charteris thought either Colman (who. I think, looks like LC) or Fairbanks would make an excellent Simon Templar."





Date: 9 August
From: Ian Gollege <>
Subject:Capture the Saint now available

I have a small number of copies of Burl Barer's CAPTURE THE SAINT, the first original Saint novel in fifteen years. Approved by the Charteris Estate, CAPTURE THE SAINT is available only from the Saint Club. This exclusive limited edition is signed by the author.

Read an excerpt here.

CAPTURE THE SAINT is offical Club merchandise, so is availabe only to current members (you must include your membership number when ordering). See the Membership Page for details. One year's membership is UK3.50 pounds and lifetime membership is UK30 pounds.

IMPORTANT: The price previously cited for CAPTURE THE SAINT is now incorrect. The huge drop in the exchange rate between the Australian dollar and the British pound over the last 18 months has made a considerable difference. The original price was calculated when the Oz$ was equivalent to about 50p; it is now exchanged for about 37p. With continuing fluctuations, we must now ask you to pay in British pounds (or US dollars, if you prefer).

CAPTURE THE SAINT is available for 14 pounds (roughly equivalent to about $A36-37) plus $3 postage. Given that this is limited edition, and all copies are signed and numbered by author Burl Barer, this is a great bargain.

Also, watch the Merchandise Page for details of Official Saint Club merchandise, COMING SOON."





Date: 27 Sept 98
From: Ian Gollege <>

Well, we may as well get the bad news over and done with first.

NICK-AT-NITE, on FOXTEL will be dropping THE SAINT from their schedules as of October. OzSaint will write Nick a lovely letter thanking him for the excellent work he has done in bringing THE SAINT to our screens for so long - and expressing our hope that he might continue to do so in some fashion.

And on to the better news...

Val Kilmer's THE SAINT is now available to buy, on either video or laser disk (or both for that matter). The video tape is $24.95.

Simon Dutton's THE SOFTWARE MURDERS screens next Saturday, 3rd October.

Andrew Clarke has joined the cast of Channel 10's STATE CORONER, now showing on Monday nights.

Completely unsubstantiated rumour says Roger Moore will be in Brisbane for the Gold Coast Indy Carnival in mid-October. The Carnival starts on the 15th, the day after RMs birthday.

Let's see; that's Kilmer, Dutton, Clarke and Moore...What the heck is Ogilvy up to?!

Vince has scanned a few more covers for you all to admire."





Date: 1 November
From: Ian Dickerson
Subject: Exclusive Club merchandise

The Saint Club has managed to get hold of a very limited quantity of some of the merchandise that was produced to tie-in with last year's movie.

However this is no ordinary merchandise.

These ties, tie-pins and cufflinks were produced to be given away--given away to the winners of competitions and promotions in Sweden and other European countries.

These items have never been made available to the general public!

Full details of how The Saint Club will be auctioning these items off can be found in this year's CHR WIDTH=70%istmas letter--only available to Saint Club members!





Date: 20 December
From: Burl Barer <>
Subject: quick halo question

Hi...enjoy the Oz Saint site!

Tell me, is the reason the stick man doesn't have a halo on your masthead because the "O" on Oz is supposed to be the halo, but it fell off or something?

Just curious!

Mysteries by Mail will be selling off the "final" 100 copies of CAPTURE THE SAINT (although I have a few under my desk) for probably more than US $20 fairly soon -- I think in their next catalog.

Volvo may pay to have more printed as special give-aways in a Volvo promotion, but I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, I love your web site.


Burl Barer
Brilliant Author :-)