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We're all very keen to see The Saint on screen (big or small) again; so keen, in fact, that we're all busy helping those movie and tv producers cast the part of Simon Templar so they can get down to the nitty-gritty and actually get started on something!.

In many places and over many years, many names have been put forward by us wanna-be casting directors.

We're all so obsessed with Saintly adventures that we can see an actor walk through a scene in some 'kitchen-sink drama' or a romantic period film or the latest action blockbuster and immediately recognise something Saintly about him.

Rather than broadening our interests, we go straight to the nearest forum and opine loudly about whom should be the next screen Saint.

The following are some of those names that have popped up and where you can see them for yourselves.

Jeremy Northam

Now seems to be making a name for himself (outstanding in AN IDEAL HUSBAND, THE WINSLOW BOY, EMMA, MUSIC FROM ANOTHER ROOM), he's played supporting roles in US films (MIMIC, THE NET).
Apparently he tested for Bond when they were casting for GOLDEN EYE.
Ian's thought: Even though he may be a couple of years older than Templar, he's still a favourite for me.

Jonathan Cake

I first saw Jonathan Cake in MOSELEY, an English production about the Fascist politician.
Being a period piece, it was very English and glamourous in that way we often see English upper classes in the Between War years.
This made it much easier to see Cake as Templar in the mould Charteris first wrote.
Since then I've seen him the American DIAMOND GIRL in which he played an aggressive businessman and romantic lead, and in the English TV short series DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF TIME, in which he played a rich, knockabout, goodtime chap called Templer!
He is 32, tall, well-built (he plays rugby, apparently), and it he seems quite capable of playing both the physical Saint, as well as the layabout, whimsical, stylish Saint. Visit for more Cakecrumbs.
Ian's Thought: A frontrunner (along with Northam)

Ralph Fiennes

According to rumour, Fiennes had signed to play the Saint in what eventually became the Kilmer film in 1997.
Apparently, delays in the start of production of the film lead to timing clashes and Fiennes withdrew, leaving the part open for Kilmer.
Ian's Thought: Fiennes is certainly the right build for Templar, but perhaps a bit too 'tortured' for the Brighter Buccanneer.

Val Kilmer

Of course, Kilmer played Simon Templar in Paramount's 1997 film THE SAINT. Paramount, at the time keen to establish a new film franchise, said they would make a second film only if Kilmer returned.
Ian's Thought: Not really whimsical enough, and I can't really see an American in the part.

Rupert Everett

Even though he's critical praise for many years, Rupert Everett has getting a lot more attention in the last few years, beginning with an outstanding supporting role in Julia Roberts' MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING.
He's tall, well-built, plays humour well and can probably handle the physical requirements of Simon Templar's adventures.
He's also another actor that many people favour for the role of 007.
Ian's Thought: Almost, but not quite. I picture Everett being a little stiff/stand-offish, and much like George Sanders playing of the role.

Adrian Paul

Best known as TVs Duncan MacLeod, the HIGHLANDER, this actor/model/dancer seems to be a fan favourite for the next James Bond, and has received a few nominations for the Saint.
Ian's Thought: I don't see it. He's a bit too dark and 'heavy' for the Saint. Not suave enough, either.

Pierce Brosnan

Young PB was considered way back when they were looking to cast RETURN OF THE SAINT in the late 70s, and seems to have been a fan favourite for many years as well.
Look at some of those REMINGTON STEELE episodes, and it's not too far from imagining Brosnan taking on the halo.
You can also see something Saintly in Brosnan's THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, which was directed by John McTiernan who has been trying to produce a new Saint series.
Ian's Thought: Brosnan would have been perfect a few years ago (I picture the Saint being in his late 20s to late 30s). As much as I like his Bond, he would have been even better as the Saint.

Kevin Spacey

Vince's thought: "I know he's American, but he could fake it I'm sure..."