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The Saint Novels

1928 Meet the Tiger!
1930 The Last Hero (The Saint Closes the Case)
1930 Knight Templar (The Avenging Saint)
1931 She Was A Lady (Angels of Doom, The Saint Meets His Match)
1932 Getaway (The Saint's Getaway)
1935 The Saint in New York
1936 Saint Overboard
1937 Thieves' Picnic (The Saint Bids Diamonds, The Saint at the Thieves' Picnic)
1938 Prelude for War (The Saint Plays with Fire)
1940 The Saint in Miami
1943 The Saint Steps In
1946 The Saint Sees It Through
1964 Vendetta for the Saint
1968 The Saint & the Fiction Makers (Fleming Lee & John Kruse)
1970 The Saint in Pursuit (Fleming Lee and LC)
1971 The Saint & the People Importers (with Fleming Lee)
1976 The Saint & the Hapsburg Necklace (Christopher Short)
1979 The Saint and the Templar Treasure (Graham Weaver & Donne Avenell)
1983 Salvage for the Saint (Peter Bloxsom & John Kruse)
1997 Capture the Saint (Burl Barer)
1997 The Saint (film novelization by Burl Barer)

Leslie Charteris wrote nineteen Saint novels (in English; there are some that were written in French) between 1928 (MEET THE TIGER!) and 1980 (SALVAGE FOR THE SAINT, based on the two-part RETURN OF THE SAINT episode Collision Course). The more recent titles were often based on screenplays for the Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy episodes. While Charteris did not write the screenplays himself, he did adapt the novels and anthologies.

Most recently, Edgar Award winning American author Burl Barer, who compiled the reference book THE SAINT: A COMPLETE HISTORY, has produced two more Saint novels. CAPTURE THE SAINT is the first original Saint novel since SALVAGE THE SAINT and is approved by the Charteris estate. It is available exlcusively through the Saint Club. THE SAINT is Burl's novelization of the recent Phil Noyce/Val Kilmer/Paramount film.

In the late 1920s, teenage Charteris had written five novels, one of which was the Saint's MEETTHE TIGER! All of his leading characters were similar and, rather than just inventing different characteristics for each new hero, he decided to settle on just one hero and write adventures around him. Fortunately for today's Saint fans Charteris settled on Simon Templar.

For a very detailed list of editions and alternate titles, see Dan Bodenheimer's Saintly Bible over at