Fans of The Saint and Leslie Charteris

This is a growing list of Saint fans that have asked or agreed to be included on this page. If you are a fan of Leslie Charteris and the Saint, please e-mail me as "saint" at this domain (saint.org) with any and all information you would like to appear in this section (Saint-related anecdotes are especially nice). Please put "Saint Fans List" in the subject line of your e-mail.

'saint' at this domain (saint.org)

Dan Bodenheimer ("saint" at this domain, ie: saint.org);
San Diego, California.

Author of The Saintly Bible. I am also the creator and webmaster of http://www.saint.org/. Check out my want list to see if you have any Saint stuff that I am missing.

Ian Dickerson (ian.dickerson@ntlworld.com);
Hampshire, England.

General Secretary of The Saint Club. Check out his personal web at http://members.aol.com/idickerson for lots of other news and rumors about Saint works in progress. He also has managed to post a picture of the Saint logo from the forthcoming Paramount motion picture!

Burl Barer (adoraburl@yahoo.com);
Las Vegas, Nevada.

Author of The Saint--A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television, which you can order from Amazon.com, Burl is also the author of Capture The Saint, a new Saint novel. He was selected by Pocket Books to write the novelization of the 1997 Saint movie.

You can visit Burl's web site at http://www.burlbarer.com/.

Kevin Higgins (last.ronin@worldnet.att.net);
Leslie Charteris' grandson.

Though I never got a chance to spend much time with him [Grandpa Leslie], I grew up being told how much I was like him and always felt a close affinity with the man. The eeriest related anecdote that might begin to illustrate that was when my mom called my name one day--she had something to ask me. She found me in the garage (doing who knows what), and handed me an aged sheet of paper. Her face held a bemused expression. I looked down at it and absently noted that it was my handwriting.

When did you write this?" she asked.

I shrugged--I wrote a lot of stuff--and began to scan it. Frowning, I went back to the beginning and began to read it. One page, it was just a short-short, written from Templar's perspective, of a thrilling ride down a switchback road in his roadster.

My handwriting. But I hadn't written it. He had. Maybe we were more alike than my mom thought. [grin]

You ever get goose pimples on the nape of your neck?
That was a weird feeling.

For more information, check out Kevin's web site at http://members.aol.com/senseikato/, or jump directly to his Blood Link.

Derek P. Bang (bang@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us);
222 "D" Street #4, Davis, CA 95616, USA, Telephone: (916) 753-4263.

Has "a modest collection of books (at least one of each) and pulp magazines, and some taped radio shows and TV episodes."

J. Randolph Cox (cox@stolaf.edu);
P. O. Box 226, Dundas, MN 55019-0226, USA

Adrian Chitty (chits@ihug.co.nz);
96 Sartors Ave, Browns Bay, Auckland 10 New Zealand.

Looking for Saint fans in the Southern Hemisphere to buy, sell, or swap with or from.

William Seil (wseil@aol.com);
Bellevue, Washington U.S.A.

Author of Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic Tragedy, published by Breese Books, London. "A long-time Saint fan, I have a modest collection of books, magazines, tapes and memorabilia.

Pas S.Pasupathy (pasupat@ecf.toronto.edu);
28, Tineta Cr., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1S 2Y6.

My uncle introduced the Saint to me and my brothers more than 40 years ago when we were teenagers in India and we, in turn, have passed on the Saintly heritage to our children!

Lou Fisher (loufisher8@aol.com);
12 Julie Drive, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, USA.

I've been a devoted Saint fan all my life, was reading and collecting his books back in the 50s, still have a shelf full of hardcover and paperback.
I'm a professional writer as well--and of course Charteris has been a major influence on my novels and short stories, as well as inspiring me into the writing business in the first place. I also credit him with the courage I've had to tackle everything in life.

1804 Wynnewood Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45237-1130, U.S.A.

Devoted fan of the Saint and penpal of Leslie Charteris since 1964. I collected lists of Saint aliases, cars, homes, enemies, the Bishop and the Actress... while reading, re-reading and reading again all the wonderful Saint stories.

Alan Harrell (ACHarrell@aol.com);
45-071 Deglet Noor, Indio CA 92201, U.S.A.

Saint collector and admirer for 40 years.

Sundar Narayan (sundar1@aol.com);
Phone: (419) 385-6552.

A decade after my teen years, I started re-reading the Saint books in 1992 as an antidote to the stress of being a Ph.D candidate. The books really boosted my spirits. Though my moods no longer require bucking up (I got out of grad school), I still peruse through my Saint book collection. Many of my books were bought for a few pennies in India, where many youngsters are Saint aficionados. I'd like to correspond/talk with other Saint fans.

Thomas Millstead (Tmilstead@aol.com);
P.O. Box 641219, Chicago, IL 60664-1219, U.S.A. (Note: I may not keep my e-mail address, but I will always be reachable via my P.O. Box)

I have been a rabid Saint aficionado for five decades. In my teen years in Wisconsin, my friend Bernie Doll and I formed a Saint organization, the Upper Berkeley Mews Haloes (a takeoff on the Baker Street Irregulars). We promoted it in pulp mags and recruited a handful of members in the U.S. and U.K.--two of whom became life-long pen-pals. As pushy teenagers we also called and chatted with Leslie Charteris in L.A. (his offices were then on N. Robertson Blvd.) And we inflicted ourselves on him when he came to Chicago on business and stayed at the Ambassador East. He took us to dinner at Don the Beachcomber's and regaled us with fascinating conversation. I marvel now at how gracious and cordial he was to two intrusive, bumbling adolescents. In recent years, as a member of the Mystery Writers of America, I always nominated Leslie for the Grandmaster Award. Unfortunately, he never received it, but I was glad to hear he was so honored by the British crime wriers' society. I always thought I had an extensive collection of his works till I read Burl's wonderful book and discovered the Saga is larger than even I imagined. Even so, I have a formidable accumulation of Charteris material, including scores of Saintly books, one autographed novel, some copies of Leslie's hand-written continuity for the Saint comic strip, the Juan Belmonte book, some Gourmet articles and true crime articles, and all the Letters from the Saint (in one of which I believe I'm mentioned).

Jimmy Roebuck (jroebuck@mindspring.com);

I have sent a letter to Nick at Nite TV Land to have them bring back the old 1960's TV show which I loved so well. Hopefully they will follow through...

Jordan Chandler (jordanchandler@securenet.net);
Montreal, Canada.

I have only been a Saint fan for about 5 years, my reason being that as of this time I am only 17 years old. I was rummaging through my fathers collection of about 600 science fiction books that he read in a period of about a year, and promptly found a bunch of OLD books that didn't look like science fiction. After reading the first one I found, I was hooked, and searched through hundreds of books to find the rest, only to find that my father, who spent years going through used book stores to find them, was missing some! This was terrible news, and I could not find them anywhere, until I discovered that other people on the WWW had heard of the Saint, and that there even was a Web page. I am now proud to say that I own every saint book written by Leslie Charteris, and I hope to pass them on to my children one day.

Derek Stewart (Derek@stewarts61.freeserve.co.uk);
Aberdeen, Scotland.

I've been a fan of 'the famous Simon Templar' since the late '60s - I grew up watching Roger Moore (the ultimate Saint - agree?) biff the baddie, do dodgy deeds to the delightful damsels in distress, torment Chief Inspector Claud Eustace Teal, and generally make a nuisance of himself - and have been reading, collecting (nay, hoarding!) Saint memorabilia ever since.

My collection grew until it contained a copy of virtually every Saint book ever published (including the magazines, annuals) and related goods (Saint car, cards...). Then, in the grand old tradition, tragedy struck. A conflagration straight from the depth of Hades consumed my house! I am therefore on the lookout for two things: one, Saintly Soulmates with whom I can converse on all things Templar; and two, any assistance in replenishing my bereft bookcases. Please feel free to e-mail me, and Stay Saintly.

Ori Livneh (livne@shani.net);
113 Old Barn Court, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089, U.S.A.

When I was born, my Father almost named me Simon. He is a devoted fan of the Saint, and he brought me up to be one too. Now that I am a grown up myself (an 'aged' 22), we share that enjoyment and pleasure these books show us.

To our bad luck, Saint books had not been published in Israel (which is where we live, usually--but now our family is in the U.S. for the next 4 years) for the last 25 years. We have to deal with old, pocket size, paperback editions. Only fine point is the translation of some of the books, that keeps it's freshness and vividity today as it has all these years. I would be happy to translate those of the books which have yet not been translated--and I probably will, someday. We would both be happy and greatful to be included in your list of the Saint's fans. My Father's name is Meir Livneh, and my name is Lee'ad Leevneh (we spell our last name a bit differently in English, but it's still the same name).

Paul Simpson (psimpson@macline.co.uk);

I have been a fan of the Saint for the past thirty years and have a copy of all the stories published in English except The Uncritical Publisher - can anyone help? I also have a number of original stories published by Charteris' French publisher which appear to be authentic. I am the editor of the British screen fantasy magazine DreamWatch, which is exported worldwide, for which I recently wrote an article on The Fantastic Saint, covering the more fantastic episodes of Roger Moore's Templar. I am interested to hear from any British based Saint fans.

R. Glela (Rglela@Joka-online.com.br);

Well it's strange, but someone from Brazil very much likes 'The Saint'. I was a little boy when I saw Simon Templar for the first time on TV. Now back from England and in my true world, I never heard anything more about those fantastic episodes, and the excellent magazines. I loved that Volvo P1800. Now that I have found this web site I will never be apart of the show. Thanks to everybody!

Deborah Burnham (djburnha@televar.com);
Ephrata, Washington.

As a 44 year old graduate student at Eastern Washington University, I am always looking for ways to relax. I recently began re-reading my Saint books. I began reading them in high school and of course followed the Roger Moore series faithfully. My greatest fear is that they will 'update' the new movie. I much prefer the early 1900's as the series setting (I am working on a M.A. in history). I hope Hollywood does a better job on 'The Saint' than they did on 'Sabrina.'

Sean Donohue (DRTSEAN@aol.com);

Whenever I've written personal letters, I placed the Saint logo as the return address knowing that the addressee would recognize it as me. Anyway, I'm the biggest Saint fan I know and I have come accross many collectibles that others might want (I've some in duplicate.) We need to have The Saint return to late night TV. (Some say Connery is the best Bond, but Moore will always be the best Saint.) E-mail for free information regarding materials I have. Val Kilmer? I've got to see it to believe it. The Saint should be an Englishman with distinctive looks--I don't see Kilmer as Simon. Sorry, Val!

William M. Simon (wmsimon@worldnet.att.net);
Houston, Texas.

Due to the matching of my last name and Mr. Templar's first name, I was christened 'The Saint' by my peers back in grade school--when the Roger Moore series was first televised in color on NBC. The nickname stuck through high school and college, eventually fading into the mists of time. My passion for The Saint has not. I have an extensive collection of tapes, and lack only a copy of 'The Saint in Pursuit' to complete the books. Any interested parties for correspondence, chat, or Saintly Pursuits, please write to the e-mail address listed above.

Mike Friend (SimonTemp@aol.com);
Atlanta, Georgia.

'I must confess to the oddest liking,' as the actress said to the bishop.

I've been a great fan of Leslie Charteris, Simon Templar, Patricia Holm, Orace, Monty, et al, and it's a delight to find this web page. I graduated from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys to Sherlock Holmes to Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, but the PhD belongs to LC and ST.

I'm looking forward to the movie (although Kilmer is blonde and I know there's no chance the Hirondel will be invented) and holding onto the hope that Charteris will eventually replace all those Christie books on the shelves (please! please!). If the movie is unlike the Great White Woolly Wugga-Wugga, all of the Saintly brigade will be in Algernon heaven.

Mark Corby (Corby@ursus.bke.hu);

Back in 1983, I found myself--as usual--watching another episode of 'The Saint.' As I took a closer look, I noticed a young American actor--at that time--who was playing the role of a 'country cowboy' opposite Mr.Moore. It was Stuart Damon (Dr. Alan Quartermaine) of 'General Hospital' fame. Coincidently he was to appear at the Central City Mall in my hometown of San Bernardino, California the following week for a typical 'General Hospital Fan Day.' Damon took questions before signing the 8X10 glossies he and his manager had brought with themselves and I was one of the 'lucky few' to ask one. 'Octopussy' was showing in the Mall's theatre less than 50 feet away from where we were and I posed this question to him: 'I saw you on tv the other day--a little younger--appearing in the tv show, 'The Saint.' What was it like working with Roger Moore?' He answered: 'Roger was a blast to work with. A really funny guy on the set. You know those screens they use to make it look like the car is driving down the road? Well, Roger would clown around during breaks by pretending to run in front of the screen. He looked like he was running down a country road at 80 mph!' From what I recall, the crowd was quite overcome with laughter.

Simon Black (sblack@netcomuk.co.uk);
Bodkins, 16 Pastern Place, Downs Barn, Milton Keynes, UK.

Introduced to The Saint by my mother, an early member of the club, I have collected the books and immersed myself in the exploits of Simon Templar for the last twenty five years. I have ten original copies of 'The Thriller' containing his original appearances, and which contain some exceptional artwork, which I am happy to scan and mail to anyone who would like. I am missing a few books - The Saint on TV, The Saint and The People Importers and the Saints Alive omnibus. I have all the others, including a number of duplicates which I would be prepared to swap or sell - mail me for details. Some of Vincent Price's radio stories have been published by Hodder in the UK recently and I would love to hear from anyone who has more of these. I have a full collection of Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy episodes (PAL UK) and notwithstanding their awfulness, I would like to obtain the Simon Dutton ones. I don't have the highest expectation for Val Kilmer, but would love to be proved wrong.

Felicity Carthew (carthew@babe.net.au);

I've been a Saint fan for the last twelve years. Unfortunately, living in Australia means that finding other fans is difficult, but I would love to talk to other people about the Saint, and the stories about him. I'm also a short story writer, and would love to know if there is anywhere out there that I can publish my Saint stories and read stories that other people have written. That is, if there is any call for this sort of thing. I'm a twenty-five year old female who has tried to incorperate at least a few of the Saint's good points into her own life.

Bill Van Laaten (102567.2010@compuserve.com);

Collector of First Editions and other English books. Saint fan for the last 10 years. Marginal fan of the TV show, much prefer Hugh Sinclair and George Saunders. Anxious for resolution to the videotape versions of the early Saint movies. Not quite sure of Val Kilmer as a stand in, but will give the film the benefit of the doubt. Always looking for books I do not have, happy to speak to anyone with books or info.

Madis Matlik (Pyhak@siil.edu.ee);
Tallinn, Estonia.

I'm a Saint from Estland, the English translation for my nickname 'Pyhak' is 'The Saint'. My friends and I all love Roger Moore. If anyone is interested in being my penpal, please e-mail me--especially if you have any pictures of The Saint!

Steven Russ McCormick (smccorm@calstatela.edu);
P.O. Box 36347 - Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (213) 782-7071

I've always loved The Saint. The Roger Moore series was on KCAL for a while. It was on during the evening from 1987 to 1988, and then moved to Sunday mornings at 5:00am. In 1991 the station replaced it for some rather uninteresting informercials, and have not run it since then.

I'm glad to see that you are marketing the shows. I managed to record some of them off TV, but would like others. Simon Templar, aka Sebastian Tombs [Roger Moore] is one of my favorite characters.

Michael M. Menza (menzoom@aol.com);
P.O. Box 617497, Orlando, FL 32811

I grew up watching the incredible Simon Templar in the sixties. When the novels resurfaced in the eighties I began to avariciously devour them. Alas, a disasterous flood hath ruined my collection. I feared that this suave and debonair character (who I began to envision as my own alter-ego would soon vanish from literature, as well as other entertainment medium.) I am delighted to discover that there are fans keeping him alive.

I also am fervently looking forward to the release of the film. I hope that we all will find the Charteris novels (as well as anyone elses versions) returning to bookshelves. May our haloes never fade!

                                   /|\ /`
                                   / \
                                  /_ /_

Ron Phelps (Rdp1138@aol.com);
Southern California

I started watching The Saint with Roger Moore and have been a fan ever since. I would love to hear from others. Thank you.

Vrouwkje Tuinman (v.tuinman@stud.let.ruu.nl);
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Saint fan in The Netherlands.

Agent 37 (stybun@sat.net)

I,too, call myself a Saint fan. Only 20, I watched numerous episodes in the form of re-runs.

Christopher Bower (71201.2077@compuserve.com);
Olympia, Washington

I have been a Saint fan ever since I first stumbled across The First Saint Omnibus years ago. The only reason I even purchased the book was due to some very dim memories of watching the re-runs during the early 70's. I have always wanted to write Mr. Charteris and convey my feelings toward his creation. Had I known he was still alive, I would have indeed done so, but it wasn't until I found this page that I realized he had only recently died. This is a fitting tribute to him; may his name live forever. Thank you, Leslie.

I live in Olympia, but was born (January, 1970) and spent the first 21 years in Huntington Beach, California. The enduring appeal of The Saint is the command of language and the refreshing creativity and depth of character.

Patrick Blosse (100573.3652@CompuServe.COM);
'Oaklings', Oakhanger, Bordon, Hants GU35 9JH, England

I'm proud to have been a Saint fan for over 30 years. I was reading about Simon Templar's buccaneering deeds before Roger Moore claimed the role as his own in the 60's TV series. I still think Roger's was the best portrayal of the role to date but no-one has yet has mastered the combination of devil-may-care and dark-cruelty. Let's see what Val Kilmer can do. I have a comprehensive selection of UK paperbacks and hardbacks with a few first editions and enough spare copies to swap if anyone is interested. (I have an irresistable urge to buy every Saint book I see -- please send commiserations, offers of instant cures etc. to.....)

Jack Wells (thornely@ix.netcom.com)

I have been a reader for the last 40+ years of the Saint. It has been taken to the point as a teanager of learning how to use a throwing knife even to hunting small game, to learn to fly, cut gems, traveling the world, and learn more than one foreign language. When I was in London, I tried to meet Leslie Charteris. I wish the movie writers would follow the book instead of trying to "improve" on what a master has written.

Henryk J. Hawran (Hawransaint@AOL.com);
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

I am a big Saint fan for the last 15 years, ever since my high school days. The Saint TV show with Roger Moore is my all time favorite! I have about 90 VHS episodes, and am seeking contact with anyone who may have the remaining ones and willing to make copies. Also, I have a fairly extensive collection of Saint books. If I can be of any assistance in obtaining books for other Saint fans, I would be happy to do what I can. I am not terribly looking forward to the new Saint film. I do not think Val Kilmer was a good choice at all! But we'll see! I would be very happy to hear from other Saint fans from around the world.

Riccardo Gargiulo (rickyg@globalnet.co.uk);
Warrington, Cheshire, Great Britain

I first discovered the Saint through reading the books, and later the Ian Ogilvy incarnation on TV. What gave me added interest was that I lived in, and around, many of the settings used in the books: Cookham Village and Maidenhead. And, my father worked at both The Belle and Dragon Hotel in Cookham, and Skindles in Maidenhead. When I mentioned this to my father, he told me he had met the great man, Leslie Charteris, himself. A few years later my father returned from work with what has become my most prized possesion: an autographed book including the Saint logo!

I can't wait for the film even though I'm not a big fan of Val Kilmer. I hope it does well.

Alan Griffiths (kgriff@island.net);

As of this writing I have been a Saint fan for three weeks, three days. It all started when my town, got a new TV station called Bravo! (a Canadian TV station). The following Thursday at 8:30pm I saw my very first episode of "The Saint". I have now become hooked on the show. Then somthing particularly lucky happened, I noticed in the TV Guide that "The Saint" is on Monday through Friday at 1:30am. This Friday's (March 21st) episode was #14: The Invisible Millionaire, so if anyone wants me to tape a particular episode you had better hurry and e-mail me.

Suresha Bhat C (csbhat@ix.netcom.com);
California, Phone: (415) 965-0105

I am 25 now and I have been a Saint fan for about 10 years now. I got introduced to this bright buccaneer by my father, who is an avid Saint fan himself. I have watched only one movie of The Saint to date (Vendetta for the Saint starring Roger Moore) and I am waiting for the new one eagerly. I am hoping to get in touch with other fans as well and share information, ideas and history.

Marc (marcotin@cybercable.fr );
Paris, France

Hello I am a fan of the TV show "The Saint". I would like to know if there is other web sites of The Saint, especially if they are in France.

Bjorn Wictor (downchild@hotmail.com);

I've been a Saint fan since childhood and I'm looking for other fans to swap, buy, or sell videos (and other material) with. I live in Sweden, so video formats must be PAL.

Russ McDermott (ScrollKey1@aol.com)

I am a longtime Saint fan and would like to be listed on your page. My first exposure to Simon Templar was--as was many others'--the Roger Moore TV series. I have to admit, though, that I think George Sanders was the ultimate screen Saint--even though he was not Leslie Charteris' favorite. My first exposure to the Saint in print was a well-worn copy of THE FIRST SAINT OMNIBUS, which I still have. Since then I've accumulated a moderately large collection Saintly works and seldom fail to hit used bookstores wherever I travel in search of more. I prefer the Saint of the 30s and 40s and wish the makers of the new film had chosen to leave Mr. Templar in that era.

Charles Clayton (caius@iafrica.com);
Sundowner, Gauteng, South Africa

I have been a fan ever since my Father introduced the Saint to me in the early sixties. I am glad to see that there other like minded souls out there and that I may be able to source some missing items. Like all good boys in their youth I belonged to a gang called the Saint's after our hero (well, mine actually, but then I was bigger than the rest and could read) and have many fond memories of reading as many of his books as I could lay my hands on in my boarding school's library. Thanks for the rekindled memories. I now think I have a duty to ensure that my son's carry on the Saint tradition.

Julie Skelly (jaskelly@flash.net);
Michigan, USA

Hi! I've been in Saintly pursuits for the last 20 (at times, very) odd years. I had run across one of the Charter reprints that were being issued then and was intrigued. I was hooked. Then I discovered how difficult it was to obtain them, but I kept at it. I was fortunate living near a major college town with, what I now realize, a couple of very good used bookstores. Like many of the rest of you, I just don't see Val Kilmer as our favorite brighter buccaneer, but am hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I'd like to hear from other fans, and would like to give any assistance I may for those who are searching for missing books.

James Owens (jimowens@earthlink.net)

Back in '68 0r '69 I had a wonderful collection of Sint books and The Saint Mystery Magazines. These were regretably left behind when I entered the Navy. The good news is, of course, that nothing good is ever lost. They were "discovered" by new fans and so it goes. You know how you miss seeing a friend for years and, perhaps, bump into them someplace and it is just like it was last week, or even just a day or two ago. Well, I think, many fans may feel like that soon. I recently read the novelization and was won over. I have not read a book cover to cover in one read in years. I did this one. A man finding love, gaining redemption through raised expectations and new faith, reinventing himself and and a personal moral code, were a glimpse into a fascinating charecter. It was a good read, and, I hope, a great movie.

Eric Lomascolo (ELomascolo@Edgemark.Com);
Garner, North Carolina

I am a renewed Saint fan. I used to watch The Saint reruns with my father when I was 8 and 9 years old. Seeing the video tapes come out, and the new movie, has renewed my interest.

After seeing the new movie, the scene where young Simon reads a book named Knights of Templar intrigued me. Then seeing that Simon wore disguises and was named after saints also intrigued me. I had only seen the Roger Moore TV episodes and have not read any of the books yet. Is this how Simon gets his start in Leslie Charteris books?

I am a big Mission Impossible fan, and now a big Saint fan. I will now be spending some of my free time finding these books to read, learning more about the Saint.

John V Yannone (yvj@juno.com);
New England

I have been a lifetime member of The Saint Club (member #L877021) since 1987. In college (1985-1989) I used to draw the sign of the saint on everything I owned and made a few silk screened T-shirts (for personal use) based on the opening credits of the TV series with Roger Moore. I watch re-runs whenever possible and read the works of Leslie Charteris.

Nathan David Rice (Ricer3@aol.com);
20 South 7th Street #503, Fargo, ND 58103

A new mesmerized fan for sure. I recently saw the new movie "The Saint" and was in complete awe more so of the story than anything else. Amazing.

Ben Peterson (SpearTHX@aol.com)

I'm 16 years old and the recent release of The Saint, has sparked a great interest in me. All of my friends loved the movie (we hope they make a sequel!) and I intend on engrossing myself with all of Charteris' Saint works. It should be fun. I also hope this film inspires other young people to get involved with Charteris' intriguing character. The Saint is the man.

Hisham Muhammad Yusof (raoul69@hotmail.com);

I've been a big fan of the Saint since I was a little kid. Back then they used to show the Saint TV series starring Roger Moore. Also, my dad and my uncle had a lot of the old paperback editions of the Saint. Now I see that there is a resurgence in Saint-ly interests, what with the new movie and all. The movie hasn't been released here in Malaysia yet (as of April 10, 1997). One question: Back when I was a kid, I heard a rumour about the real history of the Saint. If anyone is interested in demystifying me, e-mail me.

Dave Baumeister (Meister417@aol.com);
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I have been a devotee of Simon Templar since the first time I heard his famous theme on television in circa 1966. About 1974, I discovered about a dozen of the Charteris books in a bargin-bin, and I was really hooked. I own about half of the collection, and with what I have checked out from libraries, I have been able to enjoy most of Simon's adventures (although, I have never read or, or even found, Meet the Tiger). I even went so far as to make lists of things like different residences, cars, and companions of Mr. Templar. (Topping all of this off, I purchased "ST 1" vanity plates in December). Like many of you, I have seen the Saint in many incarnations, and was pleased with the recent movie. Unlike other movies about my heroes, the makers of "The Saint" decided that creating their own, new image didn't mean they had to trash the past! I was cheering at the end of the film! Anyway, I would enjoy communicating with any fellow Saint affection ados.

Joshua Frohwein (frohwein@tht.net);
20 Gladiola Ct., Downsview, ON, Canada, M3H-5X6

I am originally from England, and I have vague childhood memories of seeing an episode or two of 'The Return of the Saint', starring Ian Ogilvy. Of course, I could only have been eight at the time. After having moved to Canada 2 years later I forgot about the Saint for a while, then about a year ago a local station started playing the original Roger Moore series and thought I'd check it out. Well, needless to say I was hooked after just one episode. Recently I have interested two friends in the Roger Moore series (he is so suave), and they both agree that it is better than most stuff out today. Hopefully now that the movie is just coming out it will bring awareness of this wonderful institution to a whole new generation of fans. Before I sign off, I just wanted to put out the call that I am looking for the book: "The Saint: 'So, You Must be the Famous Simon Templar'" (by Michele and Fiddy). If anyone has a copy in great condition that they want to part with, or know how I can get a hold of it, please let me know--you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Dwain D'souza (TheSaint@saintly.com);
Ruston, Louisiana

I've been a 'Saint' fan since I was a foetus! It is good to know that not every character has to face up to the immortality of the great James Bond. 'The Saint' lives on in each of us and we all owe Mr. Charteris a great debt for his work.

Matt Varner (ogoldman@odc.net);
Rancho Cucamonga, California

John Roach (JckChrstn@aol.com);
Sacramento, California

I have been an avid fan of the Saint since late seventies when I was old enough to read. I have collected most of the books and episodes of the television series. I'm always looking for others who share this passion, after all don't we all need a patron Saint. Write to me at the above address.

Carlos Perez (los@cofs.com)

I saw the new movie, and am now a fan of the Saint. I have bought 'The Fiction Makers' and saw 'Vendetta For the Saint' on a local cable station last week and I got a hold of 'The Saint Returns' by Charteris. I know it sounds like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but I wanted to let you know that your site is awesome and want to be a part of the fan club. I am a die-hard James Bond fan, so who wouldn't have thought that I'd enjoy the Saint. I must admit, however, from what I've read and seen, the Saint is like James Bond--the books are always better.

Matt (SLYS1968@AOL.COM);
Ohio, USA

I've been a Saint fan since 1991 when I first saw the TV series in reruns (I couldn't tape them since I was in college). I have all the re-issues from PolyGram, 'The Fiction Makers' (great flick), and all four of the early RKO film re-issues from the 1940's. I'm looking for more of the TV episodes, so if anyone can help please e-mail me.

Timmy Kronberg (96tikr@svenljunga.naturbruksgymn.se);

My name is Timmy "The Saint" Kronberg. I am the world's biggest fan of Simon Templar (Roger Moore). I always watch the series whenever it is on TV. Please send me e-mail and describe what you think of Roger Moore as The Saint.

Joseph L. Suszynski (jsuszyns@gmu.edu);
Centreville, Virginia

I've been a big Saint fan since the early 70's, when I used to watch the old Roger Moore series while in elementary school. I think he's the best Saint so far. I've started getting the old espisodes on tape from Columbia House, to replace the many that have videotaped through the years which Inever could seem to get to tape right. I have about half of the books in hardback, most of the rest in paperback. There are a lot I don't have, and I'm always looking through old bookstores for the ones I'm missing.If anyone has any extra they'd like to trade or sell, please let me know. There are some used bookstores in this area that have a few in hardback that I already have, as well as some of the magazines and paerbacks.

My most recent purchase is a 1965 Volvo 1800S, which I have started to restore to its proper saintly appearance (big $$$). Like many others, I'm sure, I used to draw the logo on letters, etc, and everyone knew who I was. Now, because of the car I'm restoring, some of the guys at work have started calling me "Saint". Always looking to talk to any other saint fans. Saw the new movie. Not too bad, considering. The last 20 minutes or so were pure saint. I wish Roger Moore had done a bit more of a cameo in it other than the voice of the newscaster at the end, but, maybe in the next one..........?

Mark Ringerud (ringer@frii.com);
Fort Collins, Colorado

I'm a 36 year old meteorologist/"author wannabe". I became a Saint fan as a kid with the Roger Moore TV series. I revived my Saintly desires with the Return of The Saint during high school in the late 70's. It was my secret passion late-night Friday nights - to be Simon Templar.

My desire is to be able to create a character as enduring as Simon Templar in the stories I'm writing.

Thomas Møller (young@pc-cafe.dk);
Valby, Denmark

I am 26 and been hook on the saint for about 16 years. I'd like to hear from other Saint fans and if any should know where to buy the theme from the saint and the poster from 'Vendetta for the Saint'. I'm into Roger Moore as Templer only! I'd like to talk to people who collect soundtracks and posters and follow the series with Roger Moore closly.

Carol Agius (cnagius@maltanet.net);

I clearly remember the Easter holidays in 1979, when as a bored teenager I stumbled across an old Saint book which had belonged to my dad. I've been hooked ever since. It's a relief to find other people interested in all things Saintly, my husband thinks I'm slightly mad, and friends indulge what they consider to be an eccentricity by keeping an eye open for Saint books for me.

I still am missing a few books, inspite of endless rummaging in second hand book shops and jumble sales. They are notoriusly difficult to find!! One gem I managed to pick up a few years ago was a copy of 'The Saint In The Sun'. Inside the book I found an original photograph of Roger Moore taken during a break while filming 'Vendetta For The Saint' and Moore's autograph complete with Saint stick figure!!

'Vendetta For The Saint' was filmed in Malta in lieu of Scicily way back in 1967, but I was only 2 years old at the time, so I don't remember any of it.

Call me a purist but my favourite Saint books are the early ones written by Leslie Charteris, especially the ones with the old gang. I much prefer them to the later ones based on, or inspired by TV scripts.

Alan Whitty (SeaDruid@aol.com);
Pacific Northwest

Like many others, I am a Saint fan. I remember staying late at night when I was younger to watch Roger Moore and later Ian Ogilvy. I didn't start reading reading the novels till after I joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed in Italy. I have collected several of the paperbacks. I thought that the movie with Val Kilmer was a technological masterpiece, one of the best parts was when Roger Moore gives the news on the radio. I'm still in the Navy and assigned to a ship, USS David R Ray (DD 971) in the Pacific Northwest.

Neil Hunt (grover@iinet.net.au);
Perth, Western Australia

I am 21 years old living in Perth, Western Australia. I discovered Simon Templar on Nick at Night only a month ago and now I'm hooked. I will not miss an episode. I am looking to get into the books as well as the Val Kilmer movie. But Roger Moore is the Simon Templar for me.

Kaiser Matin (kmatin@thermal.me.ttu.edu);
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I started watching 'The Saint' very early. I was five or six then and it continued until twelve or thirteen, I guess.

Those days we had no color transmissions, but I vividly remember how our whole family used to enjoy each episodes and talk about it after it was over. We used to be glued to the box when Simon Templer (Roger Moore) was in action. We surely miss 'The Saint'. Roger Moore was great.

S. Rik Dalton (SRDalton@compuserve.com)

I first became acquainted with the Saint Saga in about 1940. Saving my pocket money, I bought all the books one by one until I had a complete set (including the elusive MEET-THE TIGER!) until about 1950 when moving to a small flat made me give away a lot of books including my Saint collection. How I have regretted that!

I have more recently managed to obtain some rare copies of Thriller including a Saint story and also a pre-Saint novel by L.C. which he later re-wrote as a Saint story.

I am a member of the Saint Club and was interested to read in The Epistle that a friend of mine, Dr. Majorie Boulton (another Saint fan) who has written a number of books in English on semantics and on literature as well as many in Esperanto was invited to meet L.C. in London not long before he died. She contacted him because of a desire to produce a version of Paleneo in Esperanto but she also has translated one or two Saint short stories. I don't think they have been published yet.

Derek Gardner (dollfuss@aol.com)

Though Roger Moore was great as The Saint, my first introduction was in the incarnation of Ian Ogilvy, so, pack me off with the George Lazenby crowd of James Bond fans. It was only fairly recently (eight years) that I sought out the Saint in print, at the behest of my father, who insisted that the television shows had warped my sense of what the Saint was. Oh, how right he was! And I could barely contain my disgust in the theatre recently as I viewed the Val Kilmer version! Ugh!

Kent Strahlen (kent@maths.lth.se);

About 15 years ago, I started reading The Saint stories. Finding the books is extremely difficult in Sweden, especially as many of the second-hand bookstores which occasionally had them have closed. I think the older stories are superior to the newer ones. I especially like the short stories; even more if Chief Inspector Teal is a major ingredient. Roger Moore is the best Saint in my opinion, prehaps because he is most like the Saint in the earlier books. I'd like to get in contact with other Swedish Saint fans.

J. Wendt (jwendt@erols.com)

I first read the Saint in my early teens. This series was my early favorite. I read everything I got my hands on. Now and again, I re-read a Saint tome I stumble across in libraries. I do not feel that anyone portraying the saint in movies or TV, has really brought the character in my mind to life. I guess Roger Moore came closest, but he was too damn serious minded for the Saint.

My past list of favorites includes: Sayers, Christie, Stout, Francis, and Elkins. I like authors who keep me reading. If I can easily put the book down and turn off the light, well...

Anyone interested drop me a line.

Christian Lie (christian.lie@sv.uio.no);
Oslo, Norway

I am a 25 year old Norwegian who works at the University of Oslo, my "wanting-list" includes videos of the TV-episodes (VHS-type) and pocketbooks.

Martin Metzler (MetzlerM@aol.com);
Munich, Germany

I'm a fan of the Saint since I first watched the TV series with Roger Moore some 10 years ago. I taped all available German episodes, but unfortunately it's not the whole series. It's not easy to get Saint collectibles (videos, books...) here in Germany. I'm desperately looking for a place where I can get the English PAL-version of the Saint video edition for fair prices. Any other German fans please contact me (as well as non-German speaking fans too!).

Dario Ale (darioale@interactive.com.ar);

Hi, my name is Dario, and I'm from Argentina. I have just seen Val Kilmer's Saint movie. I am 20 years old, and unfortunately The Saint is not on air here. I am wondering if the movie is true to the Saint from the books and Roger Moore's interpretation. I'd like to hear the opinion of experts in this subject...

Gabriel Francis Susan Eichberger (daediva@pacbell.net);

My name is Gabriel (but I'm not the Archangel), I'm native Austrian, 30 years old and an absolute The Saint Fan. Also I'm a writer and so I let my spirit run free, to write another Sequel for THE SAINT. It's called ENEMY MINE. It tells the story about an absolute wired guy who wants to build an operation base down under somewhere in the desert of Nevada from there he will start the 3rd world war. To do this he needs lots of money. He decides to hire Simon to steel rare jewelleries and antiques. But he's scared that Simon finds out he is missused and seeks revenge. So he hires another thief, a women Misty Ice. She's not a Saint, she's the Devil, cause she makes no affair of killing people. Misty adores Simon and she agrees. Nobody knows her secret, she once quit her job because she was shot. Since this incident she's addicted to cocain and other drugs. Simons theft-adventures lead him to Austria, Italy, Paris, Hawaii and the showdown is in Las Vegas.In Austria Misty gets contact to Simon first and they spend the night together. Misty gets in trouble by a shooting she causes there and is failing during a deal in Italy. Not thinking what's happenend if she will fall in love with Simon she tries to get close to him as often as she can. As Simon she's perfect in changing identities. Not perfect enough cause Simon recognizes her in Venice. Bad luck. She blindfolds him and he believes her, she's a real devil. She tells him she was sent to kill him and in case she fails a member of her family has to die. As she failed two times they killed her brother. Simon decides to do a trick. After this he and Misty spend a wonderful time in Hawaii, but one day he find her sniffin cocaine and calls her to the account. Now Misty tells him the truth. Without goodbye and not really beliving her he leaves. Misty makes up her mind, works for Simon and finds out that the wired guy has sent Killers for Simon. She finds him in Las Vegas. He follows her to a certain place, but this is a trap. A big explosion. Misty tries to protect Simon, gets seriously wounded and dies in Simons arms. Now a really big showdown comes up, downunder in Nevada...

This is just the mini-description of my idea, I don't know if anybody is interested or not. I just let my spirit run free. So if you want to know more, write an E-mail to my girl-friends (Zenobia) e-mail address or send me a fax to Vienna 011431/707 75 91 attn: Gabrielle Eichberger. I'm only in Pasadena til 07-17-97, then I go back to my hometown Vienna in Austria. So all your SAINTS out there enjoy the idea of the fallen Angel Gabriel (as I'm an orphan and have no family in Austria, I wanted to move over to America, unfortunately the immigration-laws have changed badly, so there's no possibility for me to stay). But if possible I wanna be part of the community of the SAINTS, here's my homeaddress: Gabrielle Eichberger, Lindenbauer-gasse 72/2/6, A-1110 Vienna, Austria, Phone: 011431/769 55 22. Or send an e-mail (as mentioned before), my girlfriend contacts me.

Derek Hallberg (Saint2379@aol.com)

Becoming a stronger fan after seeing the film, watching the Roger Moore classics on film and television is really bringing back great memories of the past. I am currently working with Paramount working on a Saint film sequel starring Val Kilmer to be released in theaters in 2000 if Val agrees to be in the sequel. I am also working on writing a book entitled "The Saint: Who and What He Is and Who He Will Be" about all of the different names Simon Temlar uses.

Tim Kessler (TheSaintyz@aol.com);
Buffalo, New York

The Saint is the best!! I have been a fan for some time now he is cool. I am looking for fans who want to trade episodes of the Roger Moore era. I live in the western New York area and I am willing to pay for episodes on VHS or trade. You can E-mail me at TheSaintyz@aol.com or Felix_Leiter@thepentagon.com

Barry R. Evans (ysnave@gulfsurf.infi.net);
Pensacola, Flordia

Like many others, I have been a Saint fan since I was a kid in the 40's. Unfortunately, I have moved so much in my life that I never kept the Saint books that I had, but the memory is still there. I always regretted when Roger Conway, Norman Kent, Pat Holm et al were written out. It is good to see so many others interest in the true Saint and not some of the pap that has been on TV or the movies.

James Harris (sainttemplar@hotmail.com);
Cleveland, England

I'm a huge Saint fan who feels that no screen version has done justice to the books, but the 1997 movie had enough potential to warrant a sequel. I hope to demonstrate the strength of Simon's fan following to the film-makers who are currently in discussions regarding a sequel. E-mail me to support this or just discuss my favourite hero.

Gor Blimey (gorblimey@hotmail.comt)

I started reading the Saint novels just a few months ago,when a friend of mine gave me the book, THE SAINT INTERVENES to read, and have been hooked on to the character ever since. I would like to hear from other saint fans. My email address:gorblimey@hotmail.com, and I am a 20 year-old male. That seems to be very nearly all for now.

Michael Cornett (Stenbock@aol.com);
8400 Greenwood Avenue #2, Takoma Park, MD 20912

I have been a Saint fan since high school (about twenty years now), having read a few stories and watched the reruns on TV. I enjoy the stories, the plots, and the characters, especially the Saint himself. He's a man of principles and morals, but masks it all with devilish iconoclasm that I find irresistable.

Greetings to my fellow fans! May we all wear our haloes at jaunty tilts!

Richard Ooi (saint@cheerful.com);
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I'm a Saint fan too! Have a look at my web site: The Twilight Zine at http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/7171/. There's some Saintly stuff there!

Audrey Sparby (Audrey5421@aol.com);
Windsor, New York

I saw the movie 'The Saint' with Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue a while ago and I have to say I absolutely fell for it. I will definitely own the video when it comes out.

Steve Zanettos (steve.zanettos@sympatico.ca);
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

One of my ealiest memories relates to the saint and that notorious stick figure that will live forever. The television show starring Roger Moore is probably the best program of all time. Roger Moore's brilliant performance, I believe, immortalized the Saint.

I am looking for pictures or posters of Roger Moore as the Saint, or anything that has to do with the 60s television program.

P.S. Kudos to the Bravo Network in Canada. Keep those episodes coming!

Diane Wright (DianeWri@aol.com);
Los Angeles, California

I love Volvos. Several years ago I was driving to work and saw this fabulous looking sports car. When I got close enough to see what it was I discovered that it was a Volvo P1800. It was love at first sight. Ever since then I have been in search of information on this car. A few days ago I was searching the web with my brother and he found this sight for me. I have great memories of watching Roger Moore (whom I have always loved as James Bond) in the Saint as a little girl. I was excited to make the connection between him and this great little car.

I too saw the recent version of the Saint and I admit that I really liked it. Of course no movie ever does justice to the book but sometimes you can enjoy a film anyway, for what its worth. So, here I am. The newest member (for a few minutes anyway) of the Saint fan club. I am looking for copies of the TV episodes with Roger Moore in order to re-live a few childhood memories. If I ever finish grad school and get a real job I will be looking for someone to buy a Volvo P1800 from (already refurbished!). That's all. Nice to belong to your group.

Isla Bennett (abennett@ultra.net.au);

Hello fellow Saint lovers... I have recently seen the new Saint movie and I was impressed. Val Kilmer was absolutely hunky and intelligent as Simon Templar, and Elisabeth Shue was beautiful and wild as Emma Russell. I have not seen the TV Serials, but I am aware that The Saint was sucessful on both the radio and in the books. I am in Australia so the Saint video will not come out until October...nuts! Oh well, it'll be worth the wait.

James N. West (james_west@compuserve.com)

I really enjoy your website. I've been a fan of The Saint since the first episode on NBC TV when I was a kid. About 10 years ago I decided to complete my somewhat modest collection of the Saint books, and over the next year I scrounged every used book store I came across until I assembled a complete set (at least the English lanugage ones. I was quite interested to learn of the French ones).

Ian Stewart (ARTofTIME@aol.com);
New York

After viewing the recent movie, The Saint, starring actor Val Kilmer, I was introduced for the first time to the wonderful and clever mastermind of Leslie Chateris's hero, Simon Templar. It's very exciting to witness the tenacity of Simon Templar's creativity as he clothes himself into people who are as real as you and I, and in turn, manipulates the world around him!

Peter Dunn (peter@aces.screaming.net);
Northamptonshire, England

I have been a fan for 40 years, and have got rid of two collections of books and re-started them in that time. I still occasionally get an offer I can't refuse for some rare item, then try to track down a replacement. I'm trying to get all first editions. One book I won't part with is my reprint of The Saint in Europe inscribed:

For Peter Dunn, SM* with heartiest congratulations.
Sincerely Leslie Charteris 91.3.12.
*Saintly Mastermind.

This was as a result of Leslie setting a quiz of 10 questions for Saint Club members in 1990. I did my research and was the only one to get all 10 correct (I remember Dan Bodenheimer was upset at getting one wrong!). I won another club prize of six matching paperback editions for putting some events into chronological order. My worst win was in a Virgin Rail competition this year when I answered questions on the Val Kilmer film (which I enjoyed) and won a weekend in Oxford with lunch at the Trout Inn featured in the film. I could have driven to Oxford in 75 minutes but had to go by Virgin train. The trips each took nearly 4 hours because of delays, and the return journey on the hottest day of the year was in 2 trains without air conditioning (and no windows to open). A complaint to Virgin to say I would never go in a train again was handled by sending me £20-worth of train travel vouchers! My favourite Saint was George Sanders (before my time!) and I'm taping the current Roger Moore reruns but their dated look now makes me cringe. I enjoy them but prefer the books, as I love Leslie's style of writing.

Although a couple of gaps have appeared in my collection, I do have a lot of rare items such as a Thriller and some comics and bootleg items. Also such things as a badge, mug, and a boxed Corgi model Saint's Jaguar XJS. I have several foreign language (French, Dutch?) books and comics for sale or exchange. Get in touch. I would be pleased to exchange pleasantries with anyone.

Dennis J. Francis (fran@ees.eesc.com);
38724 Beecher, Sterling Heights MI 48312-1304

I was introduced to The Saint back in high school during the '60s and was a voracious reader of anything I could find, as well as a devotee of the Roger Moore series. Very happy to find people of like-mind on the net, and I'm hoping the success of the VK/ES movie encourages book publishers to reissue Mr Charteris' tales.

The movie definitely paints a different picture of ST as opposed to the books - rather than being the scourge of the Ungodly, it seems that he is just a high tech burglar for sale to the highest bidder, until being redeemed by true love; 'The Saint' is just a moniker put on him by the police; the stickman is a gift rather than a calling card, and I don't think he ever called himself Templar after being a boy. It's still a great movie, though.

John Hopper (hdi@iquest.net);
Logansport, Indiana

I have been a Saint fan ever since the Roger Moore TV episodes. Even though I was a young man at the time I'll never forget the start of the show. After watching The Saint for a period of years I found myself collecting gadgets and gizmo's that reminded me of things that Simon would use (especially after watching the new movie). I have also become very fond of the British Accent and would very much like to find a young lady to record an announcement for my Music-On-Hold system at my business. Any volunteers?

Bo Lundin (bo.lundin@kvp.se);

As far as I can remember I started reading Charteris in the late forties (in Swedish translations - wonderful covers, by the way) and started collecting the British/US paperbacks in the late fifties. These days -- and for the last 30 years -- I work as a crime fiction reviewer for a Swedish daily, and for the JURY magazine (a Swedish quarterly devoted to the genre).

The Saint plays a prominent part in two (Swedish) books of mine dealing with crime fiction, and over the years I have written some dozen articles and essays about him. I prefer the pre-war Saint, surrounded by the Haloes and written by a Charteris often in very irreverand and high spirits, to the solo-operator from post-war years, carrying his fame as a burden -- and I can see absolutely no reason for the new Burl Barer book about someone who isn't the Saint at all, but has read about him as a kid.

Kathy Hunt (kathy_hunt@hotmail.com);
Perth, Western Australia

I love Simon Templar. I love his wicked ways and cannot live a day without reading, watching or thinking about the Saint. I have over 20 books and some are close to first editions - February 1932 is my oldest book. I love Roger Moore as the Saint - those old black and white episodes are great. I have also managed to collect some of the videos that he starred in - The Saint Volume One; Vendetta for the Saint and The Fiction Makers. I have Volume Two on order but it is hard to find. I also have the saint pin from the recent movie starring Val Kilmer. To me Simon Templar is a real person, and if Pat didn't exist......

Madame X (vcartledge@hotmail.com);
Perth, Western Australia

Hi, I am a Saint fan from way back (far too many years ago for one of my tender age) initially addicted by the sight of Roger's eyebrows, and later happy to find many second hand Saint novels available in my local bookshop. Finding a Saint book is like finding gold, to me, especially since I moved to Western Australia, which has a paucity of good bookshops! I confess, I am a little obsessed. Batty in fact. I am no longer in control of the distinction between fiction and reality. And I don't care! I'd love to hear from other Saint fans... we're few and far between in Perth.

Nigel Landsman (nadge@ibm.net);

My name is Nigel Landsman, age 34, originally from Manchester, England, now living in Israel since 1986. My first recollection of the Saint is from the re-runs of the Roger Moore series in the 1970s, augmented by avid reading of second-hand paper-backs that my mother got hold of from market stalls. I first started seriously collecting when I came across an article in 'Book and Magazine Collector' in 1984 with a full bibliography and values (an excellent magazine -- I'm sure you must have heard of it. It's still going strong today). Since I came to Israel it's been much harder to get hold of first editions. Popping out to weekend book fairs isn't so viable. The pride of my collection is a very good condition THE SAINT IN NEW YORK in dustjacket. I also have CATCH THE SAINT, THE SAINT SEES IT THROUGH, and THE FANTASTIC SAINT in dustjackets, as well as the 1964 paperback of SPANISH FOR FUN.

Edward Todd Farrand (todd.farrand@bms.com);
Belleville, New Jersey

I've been interested in The Saint since I first saw it on TV in the 60's, in the New York metropolitan area, where I still live. I'm really surprised and happy that so many people are interested in The Saint. My interest deals mainly with Roger Moore's TV portrayal, and have been collecting the episodes over the last ten years or so. I believe all I need is one more episode, and my collection will be complete. That episode is "Island of Chance." If anyone has it, I will be grateful for some feedback. Also, if anyone wants to trade or buy episodes, most are in VG+ shape or better. Anyway, hope to hear from you all soon.

Jim Holder (jim.holder@virgin.net)

I've been a Simon Templar fan since I was 7 -- about fifty years ago -- and I have a question which I can't find among the FAQs...

Why is my Simon, as portrayed in Charteris' books, turned into a vapid prat in every film and TV representation that I've seen. The honourable exception being Louis Hayward's "Saint in New York?"

On screen the ungodly don't get removed, Anna and Bella are never seen, 'Orace does not appear, Hoppy never bops anyone with his betsy, the Hirondel isn't... I could go on...

Has anyone anywhere produced, or attempted to produce, a film which truly reflects the early thirties books with a 'Battle, murder and sudden death!' theme? Maybe the cost of creating a traffic free London which would allow the Hirondel to shoot the lights would be too much. The Kilmer thing was a disgrace.

Please e-mail me with agreements or disagrements! PS, I named my eldest son Simon and he's now 30!

Mike Flinn (flinnm@algorithms.com)

I have been a Saint fan since the original TV time. Since then I have read most of the stories at least once. The new movie brings a new look to an old (young ) hero. Hopefully more will be coming, along with the release of all of the old movies and TV shows.

Ramfiz Roberto Rodriguez Mejia (elsanto25@hotmail.com);
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Todavia recuerdo a Roger Moore como EL SANTO, con Kilmer la emocion no fue diferente, sentimos y vivimos cada momento de la accion, cada paisaje (Que lastima no paso asi con los besos a Shue). Nos veremos hasta la proxima aventura, robo, tenemos la seguridad de que nos quedaremos con la chica, el botin y un buen vino...

David Froh (dFroh@hotmail.com)

Hello! I think I became interested in the Saint a few years ago when I saw Roger Moore casting the Saint. Why do I love the Saint? Well probably because it would be nice to live like him... maybe I should...

Craig McKee (cmckee@webtv.net)

In 1961 when I was a teenager, I discovered the Saint books. I devoured all I could find, then dropped Mr Charteris a line via the publisher, words to the effect of how I enjoyed it, and to tell him to write faster. To my surprise in a couple of months an answer, to the effect that, "I'm writing as fast as I can, but can't get ahead of you readers." I kept the letter for a few years, but then eventually misplaced it.

Charles McCarn (cmccarn@infoave.net)

I am 47, and have been hooked on the Saint since the late 1960's. I have a small collection of paperbacks and hardbacks, as well as video tapes. I just recently responded to A&E's feedback page, urging them to replay the Roger Moore Saint series. Hopefully it will always be 1967, and one might catch the glimpse of a dashing figure in a white Volvo, as it slips up to the curb in front of a London nightclub, anticipating his next adventure.

Shane St. Clair (shane@virtualplus.co.uk);
London, England

I am really glad that I have just found The Saint's website. I have been a fan since the age of 9, and I grew up watching Ian Ogilvy who was a good Saint. But, on discovering Roger's episodes, I realised that not only was he the best Bond (that's strong coming from a Scot, sorry Mr. Connery), but also the best Saint. Val Kilmer was a let down and I thought the film was pretty poor. All the best from the St. Clair in London!

Janet Meeks (jmeeks@pacbell.net)

My name is Janet Meeks and I am 40 something. I have been a Saint fan since the 60s when I believe channel 9 in Los Angeles started showing the Roger Moore Saint series. I've even seen the black and white episodes of the Saint. Not long after I discovered that the Saint was in print. I have read almost all the Saint books except for a couple in the late 70's and early 80's. I also have every book except the books above that I haven't read.

I have always thought that the Saint was a dangerously handsome man, 6'4" tall, slender, with remarkably expressive blue eyes and jet black hair. I was startled by the description in the early books because they didn't describe Roger Moore's physical characteristics. At that time I was a naive teenager so I suppose I can be forgiven. Though Roger Moore fits everything else that is the Saint.
I have read the newest book "Capture the Saint" is was fun to read and I enjoyed reading about Roger Conway and Peter Quentin from the prewar Saint books. I thought it was interesting to have a Saint "descendent" of Diamond Tremayne but sort of tacky that she didn't have the stuff of which Saints are made of. I also found the writing verbose in the extreme. Charteris was never as wordy in his writing of the Saint. I too am a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, though not yet published.

I have also recently seen the Saint movie and found it an interesting origin movie. Though for me the Saint has no need for an 'origin'. He is quite all right as originally written by Charteris. It will be interesting to see if any more will be done with the Saint franchise. Also how the Saint incorporates high tech in his work. As the print Saint was, of course, written long before laptop computers were even a glimmer in the eyes of its inventors. It was the personality and charisma of the Saint that made him what he is not the technology.

Adam Jezard (Adam.Jezard@btinternet.com);

I've been a Saint fan since I used to watch the Roger Moore series with my grandad in the 60s. Grandad had loads of paperbacks that I inherited when he died, though now I have quite a few UK and US firsts (about 16). The only book I am missing is the last one, Salvage for the Saint, which I'm looking for in a UK/US hardcover first edition (if any of you have an extra one you want to get rid of, swap, sell...). I know I have inherited my Saintly interests from grandpa. My mother used to tell me that grandad would take them all to the cinema to see some perfectly dreadful film so he could watch the George Sanders B movies supporting the main film. Of all the actors who played the part, I suppose Sanders and Vincent Price (on radio) are the closest to what I imagine Leslie Charteris's vision of the Saint was. Louis Hayward was interesting, especially in his first film, but somehow lacked presence. Moore made the part his own, but then he wasn't really Charteris's Simon Templar after the series went into colour, if ever. Val Kilmer is simply not the Saint and never will be. My advice to any movie producers out there is to start again with an English actor and just forget the Kilmer film was ever made. The beginning episodes of this film, giving the Saint a past and a reason for being, were ridiculous, overlong and unnecessary. The Saint doesn't need a reason to exist. Also ridiculous was making Templar a master of disguise. The whole point about the Saint was that everybody knew who he was, letting him attract business, women, thrills and lots of money. If the Saint was such a master of disguise, how the hell would anyone be able to find him, let alone get him into so much trouble? Sorry, Paramount, nil points, start again! As for me, I'm now 34 (gulp!), a freelance journalist and writer and I try to live as Saintly a life as I can.

Philip Drew (Philip_Drew@WriteMe.com);
Dublin, Ireland

I am a 21 year old guy who started reading the Saint paperbacks when I was 7. I have only been able to collect about 7 editions but I enjoy reading them each about twice a year. I am completely in support of Val Kilmer in is position as Simon Templar in the film as it was in my opinion a long overdue reminder to the world of the Saintly attributes. I enjoy watching and taping reruns of The Saint television programmes (with Roger Moore - my ST1 ) on the BBC 2 channel on Saturday afternoons also.

Maurice Flanagan (MFlanatZardoz@compuserve.com);
Zardoz Books, 20 Whitecroft, Dilton Marsh, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA134DJ, England

I along with many 1960s kids in the UK followed the Saint's adventures on TV avidly. I now produce a magazine devoted to Paperback Collecting called Paperbacks, Pulps & Comics. Issue 4 of its fore-runner Paperback, Pulp & Comic Collector featured the Thriller magazine and so may be of interest to Charteris fans. As a result of my interest in popular culture I now have become a full-time bookdealer (and small-time publisher), having packed in lecturing recently. Charteris remains one of the most popular authors I sell and the recent film seems to have encouraged fans to seek out those out of print items.

Regarding the videos of the Saint, I've got a few of them in PAL format (but many players can do both NTSC and PAL). I have large numbers of British, US, and overseas editions of the Saint paperback books, together with a few hardbacks and the Saint magazine (both UK and US editions). I'm impressed by this excellent web site and hopefully, other web page readers would like some of the items I can offer for sale by visiting my web page.

Eduardo Peña (lamega@impsat.net.co);
Bogota, Coloumbia

I'm a radio D.J. in South America, and a big fan of The Saint.

Eoin MacSuibhner (95038910@95.humber.ac.uk);
Hull, England

"When I first met Simon Templar and fell in love with Patrica Holm."

All too often in the past I have made the mistake of seeing the movie before the reading the book. Initally I was not aware that The Saint was anything more than a character for a TV Series. I have a distant memory of watching it during my earlier years which I realise must now have been Ian Oglivy but for some reason when I recalled watching I swore it was Dirk Bendict (Faceman from The A-Team). I have been assured by those in the know that this was not possible though I still have some nagging doubts.

Saint novels are fairly easy to come by in charity and second hand shops and it was in an Oxfam shop in Hull where I bought "The Saint Closes the Case" and "Enter The Saint". Enthralled immediately I somehow could not equate my distant memories of TV episodes with the adventures I was now enjoying. Though it goes without saying that the Saint is a wonderful character I viewed him as faceless I could not see his face but I could see the charcters he saw. The most interesting of these was the aformentioned Patrica Holm whose occasionally sarcastic answers to Simon provided this idea of the every ready, willing and able sidekick who was also in love with our nominal hero. I could go on and on (as the actress said to the Bishop) but I have a prior engagement and must depart for the time being. Before I do, one thing I have noticed as being absent on this web site and prominent in other web-sites for other literary characters (Pulp people such as The Shadow) is there is no fan-fiction. Are there any particular reasons for this? Just a thought.

Alicia Sarabia (asarabia@alpha.arcride.edu.ar);
Santa Fe, Argentina

I have been an admirer of Roger Moore and of "The Saint" since I was 8 years old (in the late 1960's). I would like to tell you that nowadays "The Saint" is on T.V. again in my place (Santa Fe, Argentina). The T.V. Channel is called "Uniseries" and "The Saint" is released on Mondays at 12:00 a.m. Unfortunately, I'am at work and I can't watch it "on first hand" (or on first sight?), but a kind friend is recording it for me. Regards to all Saint's fans all over the world !

Harri Helin (helin@sll.fi);

I am a 40-year old Finnish Saint-fan. I have a 1961 model Volvo P1800, a letter from Leslie Charteris with signature and a hand-drawn stickman by master Charteris, Roger Moore's signature, almoust all Finnish published Saint magazines, books, some English books and bubblegum pictures etc. I have read your Saintly Bible and books The Saint and Charteris, The Saint - so you are the famous Simon Templar and From big screen to little screen and back again.

I am a member of finnish Volvo P1800 club and have write many articles about Simon Templar and his car to our little paper. We have about 150 members in our club and about 200 cars here in Finland.

Simon Templar (saint@foobar.co.uk);
Surrey, England

Yes my real name from birth really is Simon Jon Templar, and yes I have had to live with this name for thirty two years this 6th of June and all the micky taking that goes along with it.

The reason I ended up with it is that my fathers family came from the Lanquedoc region of France, where there was a very prolific ammount of Knights Templar in the middle ages, and some how my fathers family through some bizzare connection decide to addopt it as their family name (I am currently researching this).

My mother was from Sweden, and yes was a big Roger Moore fan but Roger Templar did not sound as good so Simon it was with my grandfathers name of Jon wedged in the middle for good measure.

I originally trained as a locksmith and safe engineer when I left school. But now work in Electronic Security devises, and as you can imagine I get a lot of micky taking from having such an infamous name sake in my line of work, still it gets you remembered.

I work out of Surrey in England but have worked and lived all over the world in a freelance capacity. I found this web site after I purchased a Nokia 9000 Mobile phone come internet browser for my business.

If anyone would like to get in touch with me you can E - Mail me on saint@foobar.co.uk or fax me on: 0410 731069. If your realy bored and fancy a chat you can Telephone me on 07050 033669 any evening.

I am very interested in any info to do with the name Templar.

Peter Killick (P.Killick@btinternet.com);
Northampton, England

I'm new to the Internet and thought I was virtually on my own in my preoccupations to collect all that is collectable (P1800S excluded for the moment ££££'s). There really are some virtuoso experts out there. Love the novels, like the Roger Moores, fell asleep thru Val Klimer! Prize possession is a genuine cheque signed by LC on (would you believe) a personal Polish account made out "to a friend" for 1 zloty! it's now framed with his Who's Who entry in pride of place in the downstairs loo.

Try Hay-On Wye in Wales. It's a book village that sells nothing else. Make a weekend of it and stay at the nearby Baskerville Hall Hotel. It's cheap enough and yes it is where Conan Doyle was inspired to write his book.

Collections: 1st edition Hodder & Stoughtons continually sought. Will be happy to exchange copies of the tv series in UK VHS format. Does anybody know anything about the whereabouts of any recordings of the old Vincent Price et al radio plays?

Dave Williams (daveh@directcon.net);
El Dorado Hills, California; Telephone: (916) 939-3495

I've been a Saint reader since the mid fifties. My father had The Last Hero and The Saint goes West and this was my introduction to these stories. I am actively collecting Saint books (hardback and paperback) plus magazines with Charteris stories. Looking to try and build a collection of every title published by the original publisher. My collection is currently some 90 books (many firsts) and a couple of magazines. eBay has been a great source and I manage to go through used book stores on any vacation... much to the chargin of my wife!

Saint For A Day (ST4ADAY@aol.com)

I am one of Simon Templars #1 fan. From the old t.v. series to the movie with Val Kilmer. Right after I saw the Saint I went to a jewery store and had them make me a emblem of the Saint and I wear it proudly around my neck. I am also writing a story basing it on the Saint but with my own expericences. I started to collect gadgets like Simon Templar would have. My next purchase would be the computer phone like the one he had in the movie. I have based my screen name on the Saint charecter. The closest I could get was ST4ADAY. If any body out there who reads this has any idea where I could purchase one of those computer phones please e-mail me.

Bill Sorenson (wks@aros.net);
Greenwich, Utah

My first contact with Simon Templar came about in the early 1950's when I read The Saint in New York which belonged to my uncle. I have been a zealous collector of Leslie Charteris' works since that time. My collection includes every book which has been published, with many, many duplicates and the three major bio's written by Lofts, Barer and Simper.

My Saint Club member number is 81106 and I enjoyed the letters which Leslie sent to all members during the Christmas seasons. I have started, but not completed, a listing of all the limericks which Simon used to conjure up in the old books. They were really quite clever, but of course I too think that the books of the 30's and 40's were the best of the Saga. Re-reading and re-reading the Saga today still invokes a feeling of nostalgia and "a return to the good old days" of my youth when Simon would make sense of everything wrong in the world. Today common sense is not very common! Well, as the Bishop said to the Actress, you really are rambling on, so thanks to Leslie Charteris for all the memories of Roger and Norman and Angel Face and Claud Eustace. Let me know your favorite memories!

Dibyo (dibyo@hotmail.com);
Bangalore, India

I'm a nineteen year old guy from Bangalore, India. And I'm a BIG fan of the Saint.

I first heard of him when the movie came out 3 or 4 years back. I didn't see the movie, just the trailers. So, when I saw a book at the library with the Saint on it, just out of curiosity I picked it up. And was I impressed or what. I just loved the character and the way Mr. charteris wrote. His language is so smooth and engaging. I kept my eyes peeled out for more books. But since they are out of print, or so most of the bookshops around here told me, I've had to turn to the second hand ones here.

So far I've managed to dig up 5 books and one omnibus of his. And I love everyone of them. I love the characters and the language of the author. It's absolutely brilliant. HE is the greatest. Like the Bishop said to the actress, further words fail me.

Paul Copeland (copeland@smartchat.net.au);
Sydney, Australia

I am a 26 year old Saint fan. I am a huge fan of Roger Moore (he is the best Bond) and through that I have become a fan of The Saint in TV and literary form. I've only read about 30 of the books, and haven't seen many of the original B/W series, but I keep searching. Most of my friends didn't even know who Simon Templar was until that abominable movie was released. They could have done so much with that movie, but that was not to be.

If you are interested in the Saint drop me a line. I rarely get to talk to or meet a Saint fan being in Australia.

Rick Hird (nchird@netcom.ca);
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

I have just finished reading The First Saint Omnibus. It was difficult to come by but well worth the wait. I became acquainted with the series on TV during the 1960's.

Alexander Roman, Ph.D. (alex_roman@ontla.ola.org);
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yes, I am a Saint fan! The Roger Moore series turned me into an Anglophile early in life. I even became a staunch Monarchist... I am also a serious student of Saints themselves and am currently writing a series about Eastern European Saints to be used in the public school system in Russia.

Jen Sattaur (Sattaurr@ptd.net)

I have been a growing saint fan for a few years now and I snap up any information I can get on him. If you find anything worthy of my attention, please e-mail me. I would also like to share a lovely saint word from The Saint Goes On: Zerquetschenreiflichkeit. It means a carefully considerate squash.

Mark Greenberg (ren.green@sympatico.ca);

As a long-time fan of the Roger Moore series and Leslie Charteris' books, the Saint site has proved to be fun and informative. The makers of the old series brilliantly captured the sense of fun and adventure of the books and, in casting Moore, even improved on the author's original concept. The original "Saint" TV series left an indelible impression and has never been improved upon. Not that the recent filmmakers didn't have their chance. Unfortunately what resulted had nothing to do with Simon Templar (is it any coincidence Charteris' name was nowhere to be found in the credits?). Let me be fair: I actually enjoyed the film. The villains were current and nasty, the narrative moved at a clip, the locations were perfect, and Kilmer made a good hero. But his name might as well have been Joe Smith (I don't think anyone ever refers to him as Templar).

Personally, I think Pierce Brosnan would have made a good Templar, who would've carried on Roger Moore's light, comedic touch, and,of course, that "Saintly" smile.

Well, while the Saint's film future does not look so angelic, at least there's a web-site we can all log onto.

Peter Bastas (rossi.j@usa.net);
Athens, Greece

I'm a great Saint fan and I would like to be added to your list of Saint fans! My name is Peter Bastas, I'm from Athens, Greece. My question is, will there be any possibility of a Saint sequel production in the next 2 years?

Jennifer Krauskopf (diannek@compusmart.ab.ca);
Edmonton, Canada

My best friend and I are HUGE Val Kilmer fans, so when The Saint came out in theatres- of course we saw it! But we didn't expect what happened next: we were hooked! Now, 2 years later, as loyal fan of the "Robin Hood of Modern Crime", I've only begun collecting the books, videos, and even radio episodes. My friend and I are working on a "what if" fanficion about the disaperance of Pat, which may be finished by this fall. An intesresting note: I am planning on studying Hagiogrphy (the study of Saints) at the University of Alberta. Some people I know call me obsessed, but I can't help it; it's in my blood.

Augusto César Ponte. (cbv@ibeuce.com.br);
Fortaleza-CE, Brazil

I am a lawyer and English teacher, and I am addicted to tv shows, especially tv series from the 60's and 70's. The British ones are my favorites: "The Prisoner", "The Avengers", "The New Avengers", "The Persuaders!", and of course "The Saint". Very recently I purchased by mail a set of four video tapes containing two episodes each of "The Saint" from Barnes and Noble in New York City--it was just like yesterday once more. Now that I finished watching them over, I am looking forward to obtaining more original episodes on the series.

Alan White (tembks@globalnet.co.uk);

I've been a Saint fan and collector for 24 years. I am the only bookdealer in the UK specialising in Charteris and have items to offer all pockets, paperbacks , hardbacks, magazines and annuals. I've named my business after our mutual hero: Templar Books. I could help many fans with those titles they cannot find.

A. Bharat (kbharat@giasbg01.vsnl.net.in);
Bangalore, India

I have been crazy about the Saint ever since I read my first Saint book ALIAS THE SAINT, in my school days nearly 50 yrs ago.I still consider it LC's best, running neck to neck with HOLY TERROR and GETAWAY.Since then I have been collecting the saga and anything and everything about both.The high spot came ten years ago when I was in London for 3 months--and predictably enough spent most of my spare time at the British Museum Library looking up old copies of Thriller, American, and other mags. My greatest thrill was in finally discovering how the LAST HERO was put together;all my theories were proved wrong, LC had simply put the second story in the MIDDLE of the first, like a hamburger! I even got myself a copy of that Kennedy story "One Crowded hour". And as a bonus BBC TV showed all the B/W movies,one every Monday! Since then thanks to Turner I have all except the last movie.I am also a life member of the St club,London.

I,m now in search of those SUPER DETECTIVE LIBRARY issues of Saint comics which I used to read. Specifically HIGH FENCE and POLICEMAN WITH WINGS. Can anyone help?

Clive Woollands (clive@woollands007.freeserve.co.uk);
Great Britain

As a fan of the Saint since watching the sixties series with Roger Moore, I had heard of a fan club for the Saint, but thought it was as fictional as the Saint character itself. I was astounded to find on the internet (which I have not long started to surf) a whole lot of information on Simon Templar and Leslie Charteris, and have downloaded the information to show my children--as I have nearly all the early films with George Sanders (a great actor, and perfect accent for The Saint and later The Falcon), Hugh Sinclair and Louis Hayward. I can't remember off hand but one of these had a moustache which when I saw it, but I couldn't place him as Simon Templar. Anyway, I have recorded from the TV the films, or should I say double episode's, of The Fiction Makers and Vendetta for the Saint with Roger Moore, and The Brave Goose with Ian Ogilvy (two good actors to play the Saint), on pre-recorded, two of Simon Dutton's Saint episope's, the Brazilian Connection and the Blue Dulac, I wasn't really impressed with this saint reason one: the traditional white car and the missing halo when Simon Templar's name is mentioned at the start--a thing I expect to see as I expected it since Roger Moore became the Saint and the recently released The Saint with Val Kilmer. I did enjoy the Kilmer film even though he drives a red car and the halo only appears at the end. I hope he makes a sequel, with the halo at the beginning and a white car.

Adam Spielberg (adamspielberg@sprintmail.com);
Philadelphia, USA

I discovered the Saint, quite by mistake while browsing through a bookstore. I recognized the title, and its connection to Roger Moore, but I didn't know much more about it than the make of his car in the Moore TV series. This site is invaluable, I'm sure Charteris would approve.

Tom Pettit (qadbshlp@indy.net);
Indiana, USA

I have been a Saint reader since 1950. Have about 15 books in various condition and always looking for more. Please put me on the mailing list and count me as a fan.

Simon Howarth (simon@howarth.globalnet.co.uk);
Preston, England

I discovered the Saint after reading all the Fleming "James Bond" novels. The number of books published combined with Charteris' style of writing attracted me. I am always on the look out for 1st edition Saint books and also 1st Edition Flemings (just in case anyone out there has some of them too). Always happy to chat about anything Saintly or anything to do with books!

Rev. James Welch (JamesSW64@aol.com);
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

I have been a fan of The Saint since watching the Roger Moore version on television. I am interested to know of any source for purchasing copies of that particular series. I have several purchased through Critics Choice video, but have been unable to find anymore. Any Saint information would always be appreciated.

Brian Dalton (dalton@reliable-net.net)

I have been a fan of the Saint for many a years--ever since I was eight years old watching the T.V. series. It's not hard to like the character or his manner. Simon has a certain style only matched by James Bond, Zorro, and James T. West. Yes, I'm sure there are others that fit, but not the same way Simon Templar fits. I can say he's the reason I like to help others, and why I carry around somme gadgets and gizmos myself. I can say I wouldn't mind seeing another movie made or even a T.V. series again.

Mike O'Connor (mjo4@erols.com);
Virginia, USA

I have collected 50 Saint books (24 hard, 26 soft) over the past 30 years or so, but had no idea that there was such a following. I was introduced to The Saint by my grandmother sometime in the late '50s early '60s.

David Buchner (buchner@wcta.net);
Northern Minnesota, USA

I discovered the Saint stories while I was enduring junior high -- at least the few of them which were at the time (early 80's?) in print in paperback, and sold at the drugstore in our small town. This was a very vulnerable, impressionable, and fantasy-prone time for me. Whether the influence those books had on me was a Good Thing or a Bad Thing may be debatable, but I sure enjoyed them! Beyond the lawless arrogance I felt encouraged toward (a clue about that good/bad business...?), I remember being struck by the spirit of adventure and risk-taking and living life to the fullest. And then there was the dull plodding greyness all that fun was placed in opposition to. Let's see, kick-ass adventure and irreverent good spirits on the one side... and pasty mid western-American workaday values on the other -- which would you pick? Don't underestimate the impact on a "brainy" misfit, of a character who always wins because he's smarter than everybody. Gee, I suppose I could blame Simon Templar for my refusing to get a real job all these years.

The novels I read back then were written in the late 20's and early 30's, and like others have mentioned here, I was hoping for a Saint movie done as a "period" thing. Oh well; I guess we'll have to wait another decade. Didn't anyone else think back then, when "Remington Steele" was on the air, that Pierce Brosnan would've made a good Templar? I mean, wasn't that almost the part he was playing already?

D. Peter Ogden (erbania@juno.com);
Florida, USA

Born in Blackpool UK in 1931, I have been a Saint fan since 1941 when a school friend brought some of his older brother's Saint books to school, which he loaned me to read. Tried to get my parents to buy me Saint books, but they refused to pay 7/6 for The Saint in Miami which was the latest episode in the Saint saga. So I didn't start collecting until several years later when I was out of school and earning money. By the Fifties I had a complete collection of Leslie Charteris books, including many first editions. In 1960, I emigrated to Canada. I left my books behind to be mailed to me when I had a permanent address. Of the hundreds of books I had accumulated, nearly all arrived, except the Charteris books. Two years later I moved to Florida and started rebuilding my Charteris collection, which I was able to complete. I was not concerned about first editions. as long as I had a Hodder & Stoughton edition in d/j I was satisfied.

I also collect Saint radio programs, some TV programs and films (with the exception of the Val Kilmer fiasco, which I refuse to allow in the house). Like everyone else, I need a copy of The Saint's Girl Friday. Around the same time that I discovered Charteris, I also discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs and since 1956 I have been publishing a magazine devoted to him, which is still going strong.

Delmo Walters Jr. (simontemplar@hotbot.com);
New York, USA

My friends call me "Saint" because I'm such a fan. I first got into the character in 1983, thanks to my grandmother. I came home after seeing "Octopussy" when my grandmother told me about a series Roger had been in in the 60's called "The Saint". Thankfully, WWOR, a local station, was showing it occasionally. I saw "The Queen's Ransom", and was hooked. When I found out the series was based on a series of novels by Leslie Charteris, I began tracking those down. WWOR also ran the original Saint movies with George Sanders, Louis Hayward, and Hugh Sinclair. "Return of the Saint" turned up on that station, too. A very Saint-friendly station. So far, with the exception of the Paramount travesty starring Val Kilmer, I've enjoyed every incarnation of the character, with Roger Moore's being my favorite. My collection includes half of Roger's Show, almost every episode of ROTS, every old Saint movie (including "The Saint's Girl Friday"), all 12 issues of the Avon comic, 49 of the 5o books by Charteris, and so on. I was lucky enough to be the writer/artist on the Roger Moore issue of Personality Comics biography series, allowing me the opportunity to draw Roger as the Saint. What I'm looking for are the two french Saint movies, issues #20-21 of Silver Streak Comics (The Saint first appeared in #18-21, before getting his own series at Avon) and "The Saint Returns", the last book I need to complete my run. Fellow fans can feel free to contact me.

Jonathan McColl (Jonathan_Dingwall@compuserve.com);
13 Mill Street, Dingwall, Ross-shire, Scotland

Your site is just what I wanted, having been a Saint fan since I obtained The Saint in London in a tatty paperback when I was about 12, which was in the early 1960s. My favourite book story is the Rayt Marius threesome of The Last Hero, Knight Templar and Getaway, and while I have nearly everything in hardcover none is a first edition and I am missing Knight Templar.Your site has told me I also want Juan Belmonte Killer of Bulls, the American Saint Intervenes, the Automobile article on the cream and red Hirondel and forty French novels too! Roger Moore was good, but I seldom really enjoyed the TV and movies of the Saint because of my disadvantage in having read the stories making me shout at the screen, and I am frightened of watching the Val Kilmer movie in case I am even more upset. I suppose there's little chance of a Spielberg version of the early stories? Now I am reading The Last Hero to my nine-year-old son at bedtimes.

Would you know if G K Chesterton's poem The Last Hero was the inspiration for the book title and an inspiration for the character? It certainly suits the deeper character that Charteris might have envisioned.

Manoj Lakhani (manoj_lakhani@hotmail.com);
Box 48128, Qualbert 4078, Durban, South Africa

As a young man growing up in Apartheid South Africa, we did not have many positive role models but we managed to watch Roger Moore in the Saint and I have been a big fan ever since.I would be most appreciative if I could receive any relevant material especially opportunities to collect memrobelia.

Massimo (masanzin@tin.it);

I am a Saint fan and I have a lot of film on air in Italia TV. I live in Italy and I am a photographer. I like all of the Saint, but I have only a book of this in Italian language. If anyone knows if there are saint books or gadgets to buy, please e-mail me. Thank you all! Sorry for my English.

Néstor Barron (nbarron@sinectis.com.ar);
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have been an admirer of "The Saint" since I was 6 years old (in the late 1960's). I have recorded a cover version of "The Saint" theme in my CD called "Bestias Domésticas", released in August 1994. And I love so much the Roger Moore's characterization of Simon Templar. Moore is for me the only Templar forever...

Anders Tengner (anders.t@okej.se);

I'm a big Saint fan from Sweden. I remember watching the series in its original run in the late 60's. Sweden never broadcasted the b/w episodes, however. I have a full collection of the color episodes on video, and a handfull of b/w's. They're on PAL format, though - apart from a few that I have on NTSC. Today, format isn't that important, since a number of VCRs accept all systems. I have one like that, and I suggest you get one too. A new world of video awaits you.

If anyone's interested, I am willing to swap the episodes you're looking for in exchange for some b/w episodes I haven't seen.

Did you know that Sweden had a comic book called The Saint in the 60's and 70's - even into the 80's? At one point I had them all, but they were lost in a fire a long time ago. They're pretty common in shops dealing with old comics, though. Could be fun to have, even though they're in Swedish, because all issues had great photos from the series in them.

Wenlock Burton (wenlock@alphalink.com.au);
Melbourne, Australia

I was hooked on the Roger Moore series at just 4 years old, shown on ITV London courtesy of ATV London (much to the chagrin of Rediffusion who had the weekday franchise),

I didn't get around the to the books until the summer of 1980 in Australia, the local library didn't have everything Leslie Charteris wrote so I started scouring 2ndhand and charity shops.. I have a number of the old hardback books... I love the original stories and wish they could be republished in full. Keen to hear the Saint radio serial. Also does anyone know anything about the serial Leslie was advising on in 1953? He was apparently working with the ITV on a serial of The Saint which not be able to air until 1956 when ITV officially begun operation.

Did Leslie ever give any idea what he thought the Hirondel looked like?

Altaf Akbar (amspwr@paknet2.ptc.pk);
Peshawar, Pakistan

I am a fan of The Saint TV series from Pakistan.

Pakistan Television Corporation's 'PTV World' channel began airing the Roger Moore series of The Saint on 28th January 1999. The show airs every Thursday at 11:35p.m. PST ( Pakistan Standard Time which is +5 GMT). The color episodes are crystal clear and there are no commercial breaks.

Christopher Hatfield (_jrossi@yahoo.com);
Marietta, Georgia

It was an inauspicious start to a love affair... I first saw The Saint when it came out on video in 1997. I loved it so much, I couldn't get enough of it. I'm interested in buying the Saint Pin if anyone has an extra. I love the TV shows that come on my satellite system. Who's that strange man? :-)

I have a Saint screensaver that I downloaded from thesaint.com when it was active. If you don't have this, it's pretty neat for the ultimate saint fan, no matter who played him. I think I might be able to send it to whomever wants it by email, or I can set it up on my webpage if enough people are interested in downloading it. I thought I knew it all from watching the movie. I now realize I have a lot further to go.

The cellphone/laptop they used in the Paramount movie is real, it's at the Nokia website.

David Crosby (dcrosby@easynet.co.uk);
Kent, England

I am a teacher of Design and Technology at a girls Grammar School in Kent. I have been into 'The Saint' for as long as I can remember. My first introduction to the man with the halo was through the excellent Roger Moore episodes shown on ITV when I was just a young child. This enticing show brought its own rewards at Christmas time when I would receive my Christmas Annuals. I still have those Saint books and must admit to still flicking through them from time to time. The books have taken a long time in getting read. I purchased three a couple of years ago and it has this long to read them. I found that I really enjoyed reading these novels. I am now purchasing other books as I come across them. Feel free to e-mail me for chats or discussion. By the way, as sacrilegious as it may seem, I enjoyed the Kilmer movie, especially the Revel use of the signature within the soundtrack.

Tim Wilcox (tim.wilcox@datalinx.demon.co.uk);

I recently found amongst my Father's book collection a book entitled Boodle by Leslie Charteris.

I read this book and I was immediately cast under the spell of Simon Templar.

Many thanks for the Saint site as this has enabled me to expand my personal collection to nearly ten books. The FAQ was also extremely interesting and informative.

It is interesting that the character of The Saint can still enthral readers nearly seventy years since the character was born.

To be truthful I have started watching the television series starring Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy and Simon Dutton, and although the series are good (I especially like Inspector Teal in the Roger Moore series), I do not feel that they have captured the character in his true colours.

Still, keep up the good work, I am currently reading "The First Saint Omnibus", second edition published in 1940--many years before I was born (I'm 32).

Albert Ohayon (a.ohayon@nfb.ca);

I have been a Saint fan since I first saw Roger Moore in the classic series, during my childhood. I have seen quite a few Roger Moore episodes as well as every Return of the Saint episode and that horrid Saint in Manhattan "special". I also remember seeing "Le Saint Prends L'affut" with Jean Marais. Unfortunately, that was also during my childhood so memories are very vague. I am interested in seeing the Louis Hayward or George Sanders films, but they don't seem to be available in Canada. If anybody has any of these and would like to set up some form of video exchange please e-mail me. By the way, my son's name is Simon. We chose it mostly because we really like the name, but I was slightly influenced by The Saint (something my wife didn't know).

Michael Nelmes (mvn@bluedog.apana.org.au);
Canberra, Australia

I work at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia, where there is displayed a British Lancaster bomber which was flown by Australians from England during the Second World War. I'm writing a book on the history of this particular aircraft, known as "G for George". Painted on the left hand side are 90 bomb symbols, representing operations flown against Germany.

The part that may interest you is that adjacent to 13 of the first bomb symbols is the Leslie Charteris saint figure. They were applied in 1942-43, and indicate operations flown by Flight Sergeant James (Alec) Saint-Smith who was known in his squadron as The Saint. Saint-Smith, from Sydney, was killed in action later in the war.

Masrur Ghani Syed (masrur_s@hotmail.com);
Erie, Pennsylvania

I have been a 'Saint' fanatic since my childhood in Pakistan. My current residence is in Erie, Pennsylvania. For years I have been trying to get ahold of a few videos, as a fond reminder of my love for the Saint. Finally, today, I discovered this website, and ordered the first two volumes through amazon.com I would really like to get news and info, periodically... thanks a million, in advance.

Harv Mahan (hmahan@nrel.nrel.gov);
Golden, Colorado, USA

I found the wonderful web page on 'The Saint' recently, and was very pleased to find that Simon Dutton has done in fact 6 TV episodes in 1989. My family and I have 3 of these and would LOVE to get the other 3. The ones that we are missing are 'The Brazilian Connection', 'The Blue Dulac', and 'Fear in Fun Park'. Do you know of any connections which might enable us to obtain these movies??? Any information that you can give us would be GREATLY appreciated.

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