Want List: Leslie Charteris and The Saint

Believe it or not, there are indeed Charteris books that are missing from the collection that helped to build www.saint.org! Please look at the following want list, and send me quotes via e-mail to "saint" at this domain (saint.org). I am always discovering things I don't have... so if you have something strange and/or unique, even if it isn't on my list, please let me know about it.

'saint' at this domain (saint.org)

I also have some extra editions from time to time, so take a look at my for sale list.

Charteris items I am most eager to locate:

  • Not So Saintly by Leslie Charteris, still unpublished. This is the book that I was instrumental in bringing to completion. Charteris has told me that it will be dedicated to me and Paul M. James when it is published, therefore it will be a great addition to my collection.
  • The Saint's Sporting Chance by Leslie Charteris, possibly published by Amereon Reprints. Another book that I have never seen, one which I believe to be just a rehash of old short stories under a new title. Repeated calls to the publisher have yielded little results, but my suspicion is that this book has never been printed--they are waiting for enough prepaid orders to do a print run.
  • Bet on the Saint by Leslie Charteris, unpublished, circa 1968. This is a manuscript that Burl Barer and I discovered while we were doing research at Boston University. The book was completed but rejected by Doubleday, Pyramid, and Hodder & Stoughton. I would love to see this published someday, even in paperback.
  • Foreign Language versions. I have copies of various Saint books in many different languages, including French, Hebrew, Danish, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Greek, Portugese, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Italian, Afrikaans, Czech, and Swedish. I have listed various editions below that I know I am missing -- there could certainly be editions I don't even know about. I am especially looking for Saint books in Turkish, Serbo-Kroat, Arabic, Braille, and any others not listed.
  • Murder by Television, from Screen Guide Magazine, 1946
  • I'd Rather Fly, from The Times Newspaper (London), March 13, 1961.
  • The Thriller Magazine; many of Charteris' stories were first published in The Thriller. I would like to find some of these old British magazines for my collection.
  • I am looking for a May 1936 newsreel interview with Leslie Charteris and his first wife as they landed on the maiden voyage of The Hindenburg at Lakehurst, New Jersey. If you know of a source for this footage, please help me.
  • In the summer of 1941, Leslie Charteris wrote a short story called The Saint's Second Front about a Japanese sneak attack on the coast of Southern Califorinia that was averted by Saintly means. It was killed by the national magazine Charteris wrote it for because "we do not think this is the time to publish anything which might aggravate the tensions with our Japanese friends". This story has never been published, and Charteris' own copy was lost. I believe he wrote it for Cosmopolitan, and perhaps they have a copy in their files...

First Editions Want List

I do have a large collection of Charteris first editions, but have had some difficulty finding ones with dustjackets--epecically British editions from the 1930's. I really prefer copies with dustjackets, even dustjackets in poor condition. Please e-mail quotes, sources, or leads to me as "saint" at this domain (saint.org).

'saint' at this domain (saint.org)

Books marked "any copy" are ones that I am looking for any copy, but ones marked "dustjacket" are those I have already, but would like to find a copy in dustjacket. You may quote me books that are not listed, as I often upgrade to finer copies with better dustjackets than the ones I have.

Ward Lock (British) First Editions:

1927X EsquireWard Lockneed any copyABE
1928The White RiderWard Lockhave book, need dustjacketABE
1928Meet The Tiger!Ward Lockneed any copyABE
1929DaredevilWard Lockhave book, need dustjacketABE
1929The BanditWard Lockhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE

Hodder & Stoughton (British) First Editions:

1930The Last HeroHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacketABE
1930Enter The SaintHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1930Knight TemplarHodder & Stoughtonneed any copyABE
1931Featuring The SaintHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacketABE
1931Alias The SaintHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1931She was a LadyHodder & Stoughtonneed any copyABE
1932The Holy TerrorHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1932GetawayHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1933Once More The SaintHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1934The Saint in LondonHodder & Stoughtonneed any copyABE
1934BoodleHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1934The Saint Goes OnHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1939Follow The SaintHodder & Stoughtonhave book, need dustjacketABE

Crime Club by Doubleday (USA) First Editions:

1929DaredevilDoubleday Crime Clubhave book, need dustjacketABE
1932Angels of DoomDoubleday Crime Clubhave book, need dustjacketABE
1933The Brighter BuccaneerDoubleday Crime Clubhave book, need dustjacket; have facsimile djABE
1934The Saint IntervenesDoubleday Crime Clubhave book, need dustjacketABE

Reprints Want List

I am missing a number of reprints from my collection that I know about, and probably many that I've never heard of. Here is a short list of the ones I am currently trying to complete.

American Reprints:

1936The Saint in New YorkA.L. Burt Companyhave book, need dustjacketABE
1940Saint OverboardBlue Ribbon Bookshave book, need dustjacketABE
1941The Happy HighwaymanBlue Ribbon Bookshave book, need dustjacketABE
1941The Saint in New YorkBlue Ribbon Bookshave book, need dustjacketABE
1942The Saint Bids DiamondsBlue Ribbon Bookshave book, need dustjacketABE
1942The Saint Plays With FireBlue Ribbon Bookshave book, need dustjacketABE
1942Enter The SaintTriangle Bookshave book, need dustjacketABE
1960?The Saint Sees it ThroughAvon Paperbacksneed any copy; # 694ABE
1976The Saint Meets His MatchAmerican Reprint/Amereonneed any copy; 0-89190-343-7ABE
Feb 1980The Saint's Sporting ChanceAmerican Reprint/Amereonneed any copy; 0-89190-344-5ABE
Aug 1980The Saint Steps InAmerican Reprint/Amereonneed any copy; 0-89190-385-2ABE
Jun 1984The Avenging SaintAmerican Reprint/Amereonneed any copy; 0-88411-267-5ABE
1988The Saint and the Templar TreasureAmerican Reprint/Amereonneed any copy; 0-88411-266-7ABE

British Reprints:

Pre-1940The Last HeroHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940Enter The SaintHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940Featuring The SaintHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940Alias The SaintHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940She Was A LadyHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940GetawayHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacket; have 4th ed.ABE
Pre-1940Once More The SaintHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940The Brighter BuccaneerHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacket; have 8th and 11th ed.ABE
Pre-1940The Misfortunes of Mr. TealHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940BoodleHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940The Saint Goes OnHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940Thieves' PicnicHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacket; have 4th ed.ABE
Pre-1940Prelude for WarHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940Follow The SaintHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
Pre-1940The Happy HighwaymanHodder & Stoughtonmust have dustjacketABE
1960Thanks To The SaintHodder & Stoughton Paperbacksneed any copyABE
1964The Saint Sees it ThroughHodder & Stoughton Paperbacksneed any copyABE
1973The Saint Steps InWhite Lion Publishersneed any copyABE
1973The Saint in EuropeWhite Lion Publishersneed any copy; 0-85617-564-1ABE
1974The Saint Meets His MatchWhite Lion Publishershave decent library copy; 0-85617-101-8ABE
1975?Saint OverboardWhite Lion Publishersneed any copyABE
1975?The Saint on GuardWhite Lion Publishersneed any copyABE
1979The Saint In LondonSevern Houseneed upgraded dustjacket; 0-7278-0468-5ABE
Feb 1979Thanks to The SaintSevern Houseneed upgraded dustjacket; 0-7278-0414-6ABE

Foreign Language Want List

The Saint was reprinted in a number of different languages, and the ones I know I'm missing are listed below. The Saint was also published in Turkish, Korean, Serbo-Kroat, Arabic, Braille, and perhaps even others. I am eager to find Saint books in those languages, so please e-mail me.

Czech Paperbacks:

Year  Czech TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1936Ocelová PrinceznaKarel VoleskýKnight Templar
1936Poslední HrdinaKarel VoleskýThe Last Hero
1937A Opět Svatý…Karel VoleskýFeaturing The Saint
1938Nemožný Zločin: Nová Dobrodružství SvatéhoKarel VoleskýAlias the Saint
1939Tajemný pan Ellshaw - Kdo je pověstný Svatý?ČechieThe Saint Goes On
?Handicap Majitelů Stájív knize Kůň, který nese smrtThe Owner's Handicap

Danish Paperbacks:

Year  Danish TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1936Sankt Jørgen i Scotland YardBerlingske ForlagShe was a Lady
1964Helgenen på dybt vandSkrifolaK314The Saint Overboard
1964Helgenen ta'r den store gevinstSkrifolaR331The Saint Bids Diamonds
1965Helgenen ordner paragrafferneSkrifolaK381The Saint Gets the Truth?
1967Helgenen tager affærCarit Andersen#2The Saint Steps In
1967Stol på helgenenCarit Andersen#3Trust The Saint
1968Helgenen slår tilCarit Andersen#5The Black Market, The Careful Terrorist
1968Helgenen tager hævnCarit Andersen#6Vendetta for The Saint
1975Den lystige dedemandLademann?

Dutch Paperbacks (A.W. Bruna & Zoon):

Year  Dutch TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1965Saint Magazine 16Zwarte Beertjes#905(bad condition)

Finnish Paperbacks:

YearFinnish TitlePublisherNumEnglish Title
1949Pyhimys Naisen RitarinaTammiThe Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
1949Pyhimys Saa KilpailijanTammiThe Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
1949Pyhimys Seuraa JälkiäTammiThe Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
1960Pyhimys Kohtaa TiikerinTammiMeet The Tiger!

German Paperbacks:

Year  German TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1932Ein TeufelskerlDelta-VerlagDaredevil
1932Ein TeufelskerlOestergaardDaredevil
1932Der RetterOestergaardX Esquire
1932Der Weiße ReiterOestergaardThe White Rider
1932Der Weiße ReiterIris-Kriminal-Romane#2The White Rider
1932Der RetterIris-Kriminal-Romane#5X Esquire
1933Braut Wider WillenOestergaardKnight Templar
1933Der TigerIris-Kriminal-Romane#11Meet The Tiger!
1933Der Letzte HeldIris-Kriminal-Romane#15The Last Hero
1934Braut Wider WillenIris-Kriminal-Romane#19Knight Templar
1934Die SchicksalsengelOestergaardShe Was A Lady
1934Die SchicksalsengelIris-Kriminal-Romane#21She Was A Lady
1934Der Silberne PfeilIris-Kriminal-Romane#23The Bandit
1934Die Jagd Nach Der KassetteIris-Kriminal-Romane#25Getaway
1934Scotland Yard In NotIris-Kriminal-Romane#36The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
1934S.T. Rechnet AbIris-Kriminal-Romane#41Alias The Saint
1935Der Heilige in New YorkIris-Kriminal-Romane#55The Saint in New York
1935Der Letzte HeldOestergaardThe Last Hero
1935Der TigerOestergaardMeet The Tiger!
1963Der Heilige in London SM Kriminalroman#162The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
1964Der Heilige in New York SM Kriminalroman#2104The Saint in New York
1964Der Heilige über Bord SM Kriminalroman#2114Saint Overboard

Greek Paperbacks:

Year  Greek TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1978Ο AΓIOΣ ΣTH NEA YOPKHLyhnariA040The Saint in New York
197?ΠIK-NIK ME TON AΓIOLyhnariA049?????
197?ΑNΘPΩΠINOΣ ΣTOXOΣLyhnariA056?????
197?Ο AΓIOΣ KAI OI ΓKAΓKΣTEPLyhnariA074?????
197?Ο AΓIOΣ EXEI ΦYΛAXTOLyhnariA125?????
1975ΚΙ O AΓIOΣ ΦOBEPA ΘEΛEILyhnariA134The Saint's Getaway
1986Πιάστε τον ΆγιοΓράμματα?Catch The Saint

Hungarian Paperbacks:

Year  Hungarian TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1990Az Angyal Az Ördög EllenDenevér Könyvek?

Italian Paperbacks:

All of the Il Santo books that I own are pictured on The Saint In Italy page, so if there are ones that are available that are not displayed there, please let me know.

Year  Italian TitlePublisherNum  English TitleSearch
Mar 1952La Fuga Del SantoI Romanzi Gialli6The Saint's GetawayABE
1952Ladri A ConvegnoI Romanzi Gialli8Thieves PicnicABE
May 1954Sale Sulla CodaEllery Queen Magazine53?ABE

Japanese Editions:

Year  Japanese TitlePublisherEnglish Title
1957 聖者ニューヨークに現わる
(Seija New York Ni Arawaru)
Rocco Candle MysterisThe Saint in New York
1965 なぞの怪盗
(Nazo No Kaito)
Gakushu KenkyushaThe High Fence

Norwegian Paperbacks:

Year  Norwegian TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1935Hun Var En Dame?She Was A Lady
1938St. Simon Gjør Sin EntreGyldendal Norsk Forlag?
1938St. Simon Uten Frykt Og DaddelGyldendal Norsk Forlag?
1948Helgenen Sprenger SvartebørsenForlagshuset40The Black Market
1965?Helgenen Møter En MorderFredhøis10Follow the Saint
1965Helgenen og den Maskerte EngelFredhøisThe Masked Angel

Polish Paperbacks:

Year  Polish TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1991Święty Spotyka Równego SobiWydawnictwo MitelThe Saint Meets His Match
1991Święty Kontra Scotland YardWydawnictwo Mitel119503The Saint vs. Scotland Yard
1991Święty w MiamiWydawnictwo Mitel119505The Saint in Miami
1991Święty Wkracza Do AkcjiWydawnictwo MitelThe Saint Steps In
1991Święty i KobietyWydawnictwo MitelSaint Errant
1991Wezwanie ŚwiętegoWydawnictwo MitelCall For The Saint

Portuguese Paperbacks

Year  Portuguese TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1950O Santo Contra a Scotland YardCruzeiro(?)The Saint vs. Scotland Yard
1950O Santo Vai Para O OesteCruzeiro201The Saint Goes West
1951O Santo Em New YorkCruzeiroThe Saint in New York
1951O Santo no Mar AltoCruzeiroSaint Overboard
1951O Santo Brinca com o FogoCruzeiroThe Saint Plays with Fire
1952O Santo Em Heróica AventuraCruzeiro202
1953O Santo e os Anjos da VingançaCruzeiroAngels of Doom
1954O Santo Em FugaCruzeiro
19??O Santo e os Diamantes RoubadosVampiro130The Saint Bids Diamonds
19??O Santo na América LatinaVampiro250

Spanish Editions:

Year  Spanish TitlePublisherNum  English TitleSearch
Feb 1934Entra El SantoEditorial JuventudEnter The SaintABE
1948El Santo Contra El TigreEditorial JuventudMeet The Tiger!ABE
1957Siguiendo al SantoLuis De Caralt1ABE
1962Una Dama en el TrenEdiciones G.P.ABE
1965El Santo en GuardiaEdiciones G.P.The Saint on GuardABE
1967El Hombre Que No Podía MorirEdiciones G.P.Featuring The SaintABE

Swedish Paperbacks:

Year  Swedish TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1936Helgonet Hejdar VärldskrigSkoglunds Knight Templar
1938Helgonet i HärnadSkoglunds The Last Hero
1941Helgonet Hjälper JillSkoglundsThe Saint Meets His Match
1943Helgonet i MiamiSkoglunds The Saint In Miami
1944Helgonet Härjar i U.S.A.Skoglunds The Saint Steps In
1945Helgonet i HögformSkoglundsThe Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
1945Helgonet Härjar i EnglandSkoglunds The Ace of Knaves
1946Helgonet en GardeSkoglunds The Saint on Guard
1946Helgonet i HollywoodSkoglunds The Saint Goes West
1947Helgonet På Hemligt UppdragSkoglundsThe Saint Sees It Through
1949Helgonet På Hemmaplan Skoglunds The Saint vs. Scotland Yard
1950Nio Kvinnor Och HelgonetSkoglunds Saint Errant
1951Helgonet i HärnadSkoglunds The Last Hero
1952Helgonet i FartenSkoglunds The Saint Intervenes
1956Helgonet i EuropaSkoglundsThe Saint in Europe
1955Helgonet Tar HämndAlbert Bonniers (Zebra)21The Avenging Saint
1961Helgonet och Svarta BörsenAlbert Bonniers (Zebra)126The Black Market
1964Helgonet Lever FarligtTidens FörlagFollow The Saint
1964Helgonet och DiamantliganTidens FörlagThieves Picnic
1964Helgonet och UtpressarnaTidens FörlagCall for The Saint
1964Helgonet Sviker InteTidens FörlagTrust The Saint
1964Helgonet Contra Scotland YardTidens FörlagThe Saint vs. Scotland Yard
1967Helgonet och Svarta BörsenAlbert Bonniers (Zebra)25The Black Market
1972Helgonets VendettaBra BöckerVendetta For The Saint

Turkish Paperbacks:

Year Turkish Title Publisher Num English Title
1946Silahlar El DeğiştirdiBütün Kit.She Was a Lady
1946Sıra Size De GelecekBütün Kit.The Saint in New York
1946Kaplan GülüyorBütün Kit.Saint Overboard
1946Cellatlar ÖlmelidirBütün Kit.Knight Templar
1956Fuarda CinayetAydabir?
1984Tapınak ŞövalyeleriGelişim Yayınları#27The Saint and the Templar Treasure


Super Detective Library (UK):

Mar 1953, #1: The Case of the Contraband People (have photocopy)
Oct 1953, #15: The Saint and the Case of the Vanishing Policeman (have photocopy)
Aug 1955, #59: The Saint's Sunken Gold! (have photocopy)

The Saint Detective Magazine (UK):

1955: Oct (Vol 1-12)
1956: Dec (Vol 3-2)
1957: Apr (Vol 3-6), Jun (Vol 3-8)
1958: Dec (Vol 5-2)
1959: Mar (Vol 5-5)

The Saint Mystery Magazine (UK):

1960: Sep (Vol 6-10)
1963: Oct (Vol 9-8)
1965: May (Vol 11-3), July (Vol 11-5), Aug (Vol 11-6)

Le Saint Détective Magazine (France):

1963: 95 (Jan), 98, 101
1965: 124, 125, 128
1966: 131 (Jan), 140, 142
1967: 145 (Mar), 153



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