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Saint logo The famous logo of The Saint; it has an almost magical nostalgia about it, bringing different emotions and responses from anyone who sees it. Most remember watching Roger Moore playing Simon Templar in the 1960s, as he drove his white Volvo P1800 across our television sets, while others recall George Sanders in a dusty 1940s theater catering to the RKO "B" crowd. Old-time radio fans can still hear the famous voice of Vincent Price broadcasting the adventures of The Saint over the airwaves on CBS and NBC, and yet a younger generation might see a vision of Ian Ogilvy wearing those 1970s fashions we love to hate, starring in The Return of the Saint. A few hearty fans might even conjure up Simon Dutton in his role as the famous Simon Templar in the 1980s. The 1990's featured a big budget Paramount film starring Val Kilmer in many disguises driving around a new Volvo C70 sports coupe. The more literary minded of us recall a series of books written by Leslie Charteris, dating back to the 1920s that was still being added to in the 1980s. Readers of pulp magazines have pleasant memories of The Saint Mystery Magazine, as well as other stories appearing in such magazines as Black Mask, Double Detective and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. The Saint also ventured into the comics section of our newspapers, battling alongside Dick Tracy and the other Sunday heroes. Simon Templar even had his own series of bubblegum cards, and with a TV series currently under option in the new millennium, one thing remains unchanged: Watch for the sign of The Saint, he will be back.

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I have been trying to make a picture of a man. Changing, yes. Developing, I hope. Fantastic, improbable-perhaps. Quite worthless, quite irritating, if you feel that way. Or a slightly cockeyed ideal, if you feel differently. It doesn't matter so much, so long as you feel that you would recognise him if you met him tomorrow.
          --Leslie Charteris, describing Simon Templar alias The Saint, 1939

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The Volvo, Jaguar, Jensen, and BMW vehicles driven by The Saint

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Many actors have portrayed Leslie Charteris' literary creation, Simon Templar, alias The Saint on television, in the movies, and on old-time radio.

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The Saintly Bible: Leslie CharterisThe author Leslie Charteris wrote a huge number of books, and lead an exciting life that is covered in these biographical quotes directly from Leslie Charteris himself. The bibliography listings of his writings on The Saint and other non-Saint topics is also available.

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Watch for the sign of The Saint, he will be back.
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