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December 21, 2000: Saintly Anniversary

On this date in 1979, having finished its British run, "Return Of The Saint" makes its American debut as part of the "CBS Late Movie," with Ian Ogilvy in the role of detective Simon Templar.

December 13, 2000: Saint DVD Schedule

Carlton Video Ltd (UK) will be releasing more region 2 DVDs in 2001 starting on 12th February. Details below:

12th February 2001, Volume 2: The Careful Terrorist, The Covetous Headsman, The Loaded Tourist, and The Pearls of Peace. Extras include a Stills gallery, The Saint USA paperbacks, and The Saint's Volvo.

14th May 2001, Volume 3: The Arrow of God, The Element of Doubt, The Effette Angler, and The Charitable Countess. Extras to be determined.

9th July 2001, Volume 4: The Golden Journey, The Romantic Matron, The Man Who Was Lucky, and The Invisible Millionaire. Extras to be determined.

All discs retail at £15.99

December 5, 2000: Saint Terence Passes

Terence Feely, British author and contributing screenwriter of television classics 'The Avengers', 'The Prisoner' and 'The Saint' died in London, August 13th this year.

Saint fans will remember Feely for this contribution to the original show ("The Convenient Monster") as well as his three episodes from the Ogilvy era ("The Armageddon Alternative", "Duel in Venice" and "The Imprudent Professor") however he also found time to contribute to shows such as 'The New Avengers', 'The Prisoner', 'The Persuaders' and 'Space 1999'.

Longtime Saint Club members may also remember his interview in The Fifth Epistle.

Other notable television projects included "Cats Eyes", "The Gentle Touch" and several dramatizations of novels by romance writer Dame Barbara Cartland.

He died of undisclosed causes, aged 72.

September 29, 2000: Saint Series on DVD

It has been official confirmed that A&E Home Video has bought the rights to distribute several classic British shows on DVD. These rights include the Roger Moore Saint series from the 1960's.

Expect to see The Saint released as 2-disc sets, similiar to other top-notch A&E titles such as The Prisoner, Monty Python and The Avengers.

September 17, 2000: Thriller UK

ThrillerUK ThrillerUK is a new British bi-monthly pulp fiction fan magazine. ThrillerUK is one fan's attempt to revive an old title and update it for the new millenium. It's a bi-monthly fan magazine with brand new pulp stories as well as articles on pulp and vintage fiction. The very first issue features the Saint and Leslie Charteris, including a Saint logo on the front cover!

"So you're the famous Simon Templar" is the first article in the first issue and proclaims itself to be a history of the Saint and well, it is. Most Saint fans probably won't learn anything new but there is one thing that makes this article stand out from the crowd; it doesn't make any glaring errors.

ThrillerUK is only available by mail order at £2.95. The price includes postage within the UK. Add £0.55 extra for Europe and £2.05 for the US and the rest of the world. A years subscription (six issues for the price of five) costs £14.75 (UK), £18.00 (Europe) and £25.00 (US/rest of the world). Please make cheques, postal orders or international money orders (payable in pounds sterling) payable to: T. Fountain and send to: ThrillerUK, 1A, 15 Wilbury Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN3 3JJ, United Kingdom.

September 12, 2000: Return of the Saint's Jaguar

The Saint: Jaguar XJS with Simon Templar figure Corgi has just re-released the Saint's Jaguar XJ-S from The Return of The Saint television show in 1:36 scale. It was released into the market in July this year, and the model number is 57404. This new version is the first to come complete with a model of Simon Templar.

The Jaguar is part of Corgi Classic's TV and Film Favourites range, which features a selection of models, old and new, from the world of film and television.

Corgi currently has no plans to produce the Volvo P1800, however the suggestion has been forwarded to their Design and Development department.

Buy The Saint's Jaguar XJ-S from A&E

August 30, 2000: The Hindenburg Murders

The Hindenburg Murders The Hindenburg Murders by Max Allan Collins is now available in bookstores everywhere. It features world-famous author Leslie Charteris as the central character in a murder-mystery aboard the Hindenburg.

A pleasant surprise to me was all the nice things that Mr. Collins said about Ian Dickerson, Burl Barer, www.saint.org, and myself in the afterword to the story. Very nice, and a must-have for fans looking for a Saintly-type adventure mystery.

August 10, 2000: Burl Barer's New Web Site

Saint expert and Edgar Award-winning author, Burl Barer, now has his own website domain. Check it out at http://www.burlbarer.com/

July 28, 2000: Burl's Two New Books

Murder in the Family Noted Saintly author, Burl Barer, has two new books out, and both are available to order today from Amazon.com:

Check them out; I'm sure that they are both great!

July 27, 2000: More Saint Videos

Carlton Home Entertainment's Saint page now lists a third VHS video (PAL Format) of the Roger Moore series. Coming August 14th, it features volume 5: "The Loaded Tourist" and volume 6: "The Pearls of Peace".

July 25, 2000: American DVD Episodes

Our sources tell us that the company in the United States that has the rights to the Saint for DVD is New Video -- the same company that's releasing The Avengers on DVD. They currently have no plans to release any Saint episodes this year.

Their website at http://www.newvideo.com/ does not list any e-mail address, but there is a phone number. Perhaps if they got enough requests, they might change their mind?

July 11, 2000: British DVD Episodes

Sharp-eyed UK fans may have noticed that Return of the Saint videos and DVD's did not appear as promised on June 26th from Carlton Home Entertainment.

This is because the quality of the masters is so poor that Carlton have decided to delay the releases whilst they get them cleaned up resulting in, they hope, better quality tapes and DVD's.

July 10, 2000: Saint Theme Nokia Ring

Your Mobile features free ring tones for mobile phones. If you look under the "Soundtracks - TV" section you'll find the Saint theme available in many formats for many different cell phones.

You can listen to the songs, send them to yourself via e-mail, or download the text format. Sending via e-mail is the recommended approach, as you can fine-tune the song for exactly the model of phone that you have.

Example of text format for Nokia phones: Tempo=125,8g1,16c#2,8d2,8g1,8c2,32p,4a#1,2p,4p,8g1,16c#2,8d2,8g1,8c2,32p, 4a#1,8c2,16f#2,8g2,8c2,8f2,32p,4d#2,8g1,16c#2,8d2,8g1,8c2,32p,4a#1,2g1,

May 23, 2000: The Saint on American TV

Encore's Mystery Channel is currently running the Roger Moore Saint series every weekday. Times differ, but are generally around 4:30 or so on the West Coast. The Mystery Channel is available on Digital Cable and certain Satellite services.

May 19, 2000: Ian and Roger on British Saint DVD's

June 26th sees the release of two volumes of THE SAINT starring Roger Moore on VHS video. Released by Carlton Home Entertainment, volume 1 features "The Talented Husband" and "The Latin Touch" whilst volume 2 features "The Careful Terrorist" and "The Covetous Headsman". At present the DVD will only be available for region 2 (Europe, Middle East and Japan only).

Saint fans will no doubt be dipping into their retirement funds in late June as June 26th also sees the release of two volumes of RETURN OF THE SAINT on VHS video. Also let loose by Carlton, volume 1 features "The Judas Game" and "The Nightmare Man" whilst volume 2 features "Duel in Venice" and "One Black September". Saint Ian makes his debut on DVD!

May 3, 2000: Burl Barer Rumors

Mace Neufield (famed producer) is rumored to be seriously considering Saintly author Burl Barer's true crime action/comedy MAN OVERBOARD as a major motion picture. No comment from Barer or his agent, except to verify that several producers, both in USA and in at least one other country, have recently expressed interest in the project. They would say no more.

April 2, 2000: No Bale for the Saint

In response to the past few news articles, Harrison Cheung, Christian Bale's manager reports that Christian never "bailed out" on the Saint project since he was never involved in or considered for the project, and you can quote him on this.

Secondly, Harrison corrects the statement that Bale "has even personally expressed interest in the idea" as completely untrue. Christian Bale had never expressed interested in The Saint, personally or otherwise. In fact, Christian spoke to the Daily Mirror directly last weekend whilst he was on a press tour for AMERICAN PSYCHO to correct their story, as well as clear up some of the other facts that they got wrong: Christian is not 25. He did not do EMPIRE OF THE SUN at age 12. And he has never considered doing a television series, regardless of the director.

I hope this clears up any ambiguities.

April 2, 2000: UNICEF Honors Saint Roger

From The Associated Press, April 2, 2000:


ODENSE, Denmark (AP) - Roger Moore, a UNICEF goodwill ambassador since 1991, received a Hans Christian Andersen prize Sunday in honor of the famed fairy tale writer's 195th birthday.

Moore, best known for his movie roles as James Bond, received an undisclosed amount of money for the U.N. Children's Fund that goes with the Andersen Honorary Award, given by local entrepreneurs.

An actor disguised as a soldier from the Andersen fairytale "The Tin Box" gave Moore the money in a rucksack, saying it was "full of gold coins." "You have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other hand for helping others," Moore told the audience of 2,500, asking them never to forget the children of the world.

Event official Niels Langkilde said it was standard procedure not to disclose amounts given to UNICEF ambassadors.

© Copyright 2000 The Associated Press

March 30, 2000: Roger Says Goodbye to "Q"

From APBnews, March 30, 2000:


Roger Moore was among the James Bond actors who gathered in London recently to pay tribute to Desmond Llewelyn. The actor, who played gadget-guru Q in several Bond flicks, was killed at the age of 85 in an automobile accident Dec. 19.

"I don't think the James Bond films will be the same without Desmond Llewelyn," said Moore, the third actor to play Bond, at a memorial service at St. Paul's Church. "Bond cannot exist without Q's gadgets."

© Copyright 2000 APB Online, Inc.

March 28, 2000: UPN Passes on The Saint

From the New York Post, March 28, 2000:

'SAINT' ain't so, UPN
By Adam Buckman

UPN has turned thumbs-down on a new TV version of 'The Saint'. The project never made it to the pilot stage. A UPN spokesman confirmed yesterday that UPN passed on the proposed show, which had set 'Saint' web sites abuzz for the last two weeks, following British newspaper reports that a new show was in the works.

According to the reports, The Saint--the nickname given to suave sleuth Simon Templar in the series of international bestsellers written by the late Leslie Charteris--was to have been played by Christian Bale.

Bale, 25, became a star after playing the lead role at age 12 in Steven Spielberg's 'Empire of the Sun' in 1987. More recently, he starred as a serial killer in the upcoming movie version of the controversial novel, 'American Psycho' by Bret Easton Ellis.

But sources indicate that Bale, who had never committed to it in the first place, may have bailed out in recent days in favor of pursuing movie roles.

A new version would have been the fourth TV incarnation of 'The Saint.' The first and best known 'Saint' series, starring Roger Moore, was produced in England from 1963 to 1968 and syndicated in the US. Subsequent versions featured Ian Oglivy ('Return of the Saint', 1978-79) and Simon Dutton ('Mystery Wheel of Adventure:The Saint', 1987-88). Val Kilmer recently starred in a movie version.

George Sanders played 'The Saint' in a series of movies in the 1930s and 40s and Vincent Price played him on the radio.

© Copyright 2000 by The New York Post, a NYP Holdings, Inc. company.

March 27, 2000: The Baleful Saint

The latest news on the new Saint TV show is that John McTiernan and company have signed with UPN to create at the very least a pilot episode, but are still looking for an actor who will sign for five years. Christian Bale has been discussed, and he has even personally expressed interest in the idea, but apparently he has just signed onto a new movie and the idea of doing a TV series isn't going over to well with his advisors. This doesn't mean he is completely out of the running, as this show is certainly high-profile enough for most; it could even lead to James Bond with Brosnan steps down in, say, five years (sound familiar Roger?). In any case, keep your eyes open for a rebuttal and short interview by Bale in the Mirror in the near future to debunk their story...

And that's not all on the news front today with regards to the new show. Word is that they also are in need of some good scripts, especially the one for the pilot. Since it is a John McTiernan job, the screenwriters are sending along scripts along the lines of "The Saint Dies Hard", and so far they have all been rejected. McTiernan's vision for the show is of a gentleman cat burglar something along the lines of Cary Grant in "To Catch A Thief" -- my personal all-time favorite Hitchcock movie -- which would fit right in nicely with McTiernan's last work on The Thomas Crown Affair.

It is too early to tell, but it sounds like McTiernan might actually understand the Saint, and that's good news!

Further news is that the show will likely not be in UPN's fall lineup, but may be ready in time for a mid-season debut. Much of the crew is supposed to be set, but besides no actor and no script, the shooting schedule has not been set either.

March 18, 2000: A Christian Saint?

Christian Bale From the London Daily Mirror, March 18, 2000:

New series of The Saint to star pin-up Christian

CLASSIC Sixties TV series The Saint is to be remade for a fourth time - with heart-throb Christian Bale as the supersmooth sleuth Simon Templar.

The young British star, who found fame aged 12 in Steven Spielberg's 1987 wartime drama Empire Of The Sun, will take on the role made famous by Roger Moore. The series will be firmly based on the original ATV show in which Moore played the suave and very English crime-fighter.

But this time Templar is a millionaire with a dubious reputation who is a bit bored with his life.

Bale beat other Brit pin-ups including Jude Law, Ioan Grufudd and Jack Davenport to land the plum part.

The 25-year old Bourne-mouth-born actor is trying to shed his good guy image and has just starred as a serial killer in the movie American Psycho.

Christian Bale One source said last night: "Christian may seem a little on the young side to play The Saint but he's got the looks and the mesmerising gaze essential for the part.

"He clinched the job after playing golf for a whole weekend with the show's executives - and he absolutely detests golf."

Christian, who has also starred in the glamrock movie Velvet Goldmine, said last year: "I don't mind being called a sex symbol if it helps sell the film. To be honest, I love being called a sex symbol. It's great when girls think I'm cute."

American network UPN has snapped up the rights to the new series. Rival British broadcasters are now in a multi-million pound bidding war.

While the part of a modern day Robin Hood catapulted Moore to stardom it has left several other actors' careers in tatters.

Millions tuned in to the show when it ran from 1963-1968, as Moore practised his cool eyebrow-raising for his follow-up role of James Bond.

The series emblem of a matchstick man with a halo became a classic TV trademark.

Ian Ogilvy revived the character in The Return of The Saint from 1978 to 1981. Another short-lived series starred Simon Dutton in 1987-88.

A big screen version with Val Kilmer was a box office flop three years ago.

George Sanders starred first in the 1930s, followed by Vincent Price on radio.

Then there was a comic strip version before TV established Moore as the definitive sleuth with a heart of gold.

© Copyright 2000 by The London Daily Mirror.

March 17, 2000: Leslie Charteris on the Hindenburg

The Hindenburg Murders by Max Allan Collins is due out in June, and features world-famous author Leslie Charteris as the central character in a murder-mystery aboard the Hindenburg.

While Charteris was not aboard the fatal flight of the Hindenburg, Max Allan Collins used him anyway, because Charteris had been rather famously aboard the maiden flight, and wrote about his experiences on the airship. Max loved the Saint as a kid, and thought this would be great way to do a faux-Saint novel, complete with Charteris' witty chapter titles. The mystery in the book relates directly to the cause of the disaster.

Here is an excerpt from some ad copy for the book:

The date is May 3, 1937. The legendary Hindenburg has just left Frankfurt on its final, fateful voyage across the Atlantic. And passenger Leslie Charteris has a terrible sense of foreboding . . . .

The author of a world-famous mystery series featuring a benevolent sleuth called the Saint, Charteris was puzzled by the overzealous security at check-in--and disturbed to find the Hindenburg under Nazi control. But when an undercover Gestapo agent disappears the next day, it becomes clear to Charteris that his apprehension was not unwarranted.

Asked to investigate, Charteris soon uncovers his fellow passengers' most dangerous secrets. But a number of disturbing events occur during the doomed dirigible's final hours--and only Charteris will know what really sparked the explosion that made the Hindenburg go down in flames . . . .

February 15, 2000: Golden Saint

This Thursday, February 17th, in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Roger Moore will receive a Gold Nymph award for his long service to television. The award will be presented at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

January 19, 2000: Saint Newsgroup

Today a new USENET newsgroup was created called alt.fan.the-saint! Please let your ISP that they should carry this fantastic new newsgroup.

January 18, 2000: New UPN Saint Show

Rumors abound about a new Saint TV pilot that is in the works for UPN this year.

The January 18th Long Island Newsday reported in their T.V. section that UPN has a number of "testosterone-fueled" projects in the works for next season. Among them is a new TV adaptation of "The Saint" from executive producer John McTiernan ("The Thomas Crown Affair" remake).

A Philadelphia paper reported that among the dramas in development for UPN next season is an adaptation of The Saint by John McTiernan ("Die Hard").

January 1, 2000: Saint 2000

Happy New Year, and as always: Watch for the sign of the Saint. He will return.

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