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The Saint Around The World: Norway

Leslie Charteris: St. Simon or Helgenen in Norwegian

The Saint in Norway was first known as St. Simon in the earliest editions. In the 1940s The Saint's name was changed to Helgenen.

Hun Var En Dame (1935) St. Simon Gjør Sin Entre (1938) St. Simon Uten Frykt Og Daddel (1938) Helgenen Sprenger Svartebørsen (1948) Helgenen i Miami (1949) Helgenen Går På (1964) Helgenen Slår Til (1964) Helgenen Møter En Morder (1965) Helgenen Uten Nåde (1965) Helgenen og den Mas-Kerte Engel (1965)

Selected Norwegian Bibliography of Leslie Charteris

One of the earliest publishers of The Saint in Norway was Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, which was founded in 1925 and is still in business to this day. Another Norwegian publisher was Fredhøis Forlag A/S of Oslo, whose covers said, "Det hender alltid noe ekstra med Helegenen."

Year  Norwegian TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1935Hun Var En Dame?She Was A Lady
1938St. Simon Gjør Sin EntreGyldendal Norsk Forlag?
1938St. Simon Uten Frykt Og DaddelGyldendal Norsk Forlag?
1948Helgenen Sprenger SvartebørsenForlagshuset40The Black Market
1949Helgenen i MiamiForlagshuset49The Saint In Miami
1964?Helgenen Går PåFredhøis7The Saint Goes On
1964Helgenen Slår TilFredhøis8The Saint In New York
1965?Helgenen Møter En MorderFredhøis10Follow the Saint
1965Helgenen og den Maskerte EngelFredhøisThe Masked Angel
1965Helgenen Uten NådeFredhøis13The Saint Goes West

Norwegian DVD Sets

Atlantic Film published a series of three DVD box sets of the Roger Moore series in 2006 and 2007 in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish. All these Scandinavian editions were published around the same time and feature almost identical cover artwork.

Helgenen with Val Kilmer on DVD Helgenen on DVD

Helgenen Comic Books

Helgenen was first published in Norwegian language by Romanforlaget in January 1966, and then continued to publish in Norway until January 1973. A new series of Helgenen was then picked up by Nordisk Forlag from February 1973 to October 1976. A third series was published by Semic Press / Normic Press from January 1977 to December 1989. This series of comic books is almost identical to the Swedish and Finnish versions.

Helgenen Comic 1966 Helgenen Comic 1977 Helgenen Comic 1978 Helgenen Comic 1978 Helgenen Comic 1979 Helgenen Comic Helgenen Comic Helgenen Comic

CD Audiobook

The Saint's adventures have always been popular in Norway and in 2002 Norwegian broadcaster NRK released a CD audiobook of their latest production: Helgenen Leker Med Ilden, based on the adaptation of The Saint Plays with Fire by Neville Teller that aired on BBC Radio 4 in 1995 with Paul Rhys in the lead role.

This time the role of Simon falls to Norwegian actor Mads Ousdal and Patricia is played by Gjertrud Jynge. There were only a few minor changes to the original adaptation and the production values remain high.








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