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The Saint Around The World: Denmark

Leslie Charteris: Helgenen or Sankt Jørgen in Danish

In Denmark, The Saint was originally known as Sankt Jørgen, and then later his name was changed to Helgenen. The books were translated into Danish by Palle Rosenkrantz, Henning Müller, Karen Meldsted, and Carl Blechingberg.

Sankt Jørgen og Dragen (1936) Helgenen og det hemmelige våben (1964) Helgenen på dybt vand (1964) Helgenen ta'r den store gevinst (1964) Helgenen griber ind (1968)

Selected Danish Bibliography of Leslie Charteris

Year  Danish TitlePublisherNum  English Title
1936Sankt Jørgen i Scotland YardBerlingske ForlagShe was a Lady
1936Sankt Jørgen og DragenBerlingske ForlagThe Last Hero
1964Helgenen og det hemmelige våbenSkrifolaK323The Saint Closes the Case
1964Helgenen på dybt vandSkrifolaK314The Saint Overboard
1964Helgenen ta'r den store gevinstSkrifolaR331The Saint Bids Diamonds
1965Helgenen ordner paragrafferneSkrifolaK381The Saint Gets the Truth?
1967Helgenen og den vilde jagtCarit Andersen#1The Saint's Getaway
1967Helgenen tager affærCarit Andersen#2The Saint Steps In
1967Stol på helgenenCarit Andersen#3Trust The Saint
1968Helgenen griber indCarit Andersen#4The King of the Beggars, The Unescapable Word, The Bunco Artists
1968Helgenen slår tilCarit Andersen#5The Black Market, The Careful Terrorist
1968Helgenen tager hævnCarit Andersen#6Vendetta for The Saint
1975Den lystige dedemandLademann?

DVD Sets

Atlantic Film published a series of three DVD box sets of the Roger Moore series in 2006 and 2007 in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish. All these Scandinavian editions were published around the same time and feature almost identical cover artwork.

Helgenen with Val Kilmer on DVD (1997) Helgenen with Roger Moore on DVD

Danish Movie Posters

The 1966 film, Le Saint Prend L'Affut with Jean Marais as Simon Templar, was shown in Denmark as Helgenen Går I Aktion. Vendetta for The Saint starring Roger Moore was released in 1969 as Helgenen Skyder Med Skarpt.

Helgenen Går I Aktion (1966) Helgenen Skyder Med Skarpt (1969)








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