Volvo 1800 Information

Here are the complete production numbers by year and total for the Volvo P1800, Volvo 1800S, Volvo 1800E sports cars, and the Volvo 1800ES sports wagon. There is also information about a number of Volvo Auto Clubs, and links to various Volvo-related websites around the world.

Yearly Volvo 1800 Production Numbers

Series Model Production Dates Produced Numbers Engine Horse Power
P1800 VA/HA May 7, 1961-Apr 1963 6000 1-6000 B18 100
1800S VB/HB Apr 1963-Aug 1963 2000 6001-8000 B18 100
1800S VD/HD Aug 1963-Aug 1964 4500 8001-12500 B18 108
1800S VE/HE Aug 1964-Aug 1965 4000 12501-16500 B18 108
1800S VF/HF Aug 1965-Aug 1966 4500 16501-21000 B18 115
1800S M Aug 1966-Aug 1967 4500 21001-25500 B18 115
1800S P Aug 1967-Aug 1968 2800 25501-28300 B18 115
1800S S Aug 1968-Aug 1969 1693 28301-29993 B20 118
1800E T Aug 1969-Aug 1970 2799 29994-32792 B20 130
1800E U Aug 1970-Aug 1971 4750 32793-37542 B20 130
1800E W Aug 1971-Aug 1972 1872 37543-39414 B20 124
1800ES W Sep 1971-Aug 1972 3070 1-3070 B20 112
1800ES Y Aug 1972-Jun 27 1973 5008 3071-8078 B20 112

Total Volvo 1800 Production Numbers

Make Total
P1800 Jensen models6,000
1800S models23,993
1800E series9,421
All 1800 coupes39,414
1800ES wagons8,078
All 1800 series cars47,492

Volvo Sports America/1800 Register

S/E/ES Logo The Volvo Sports America auto club, founded in September 1976 by Jon Keebler and Dave Pollock, has regular meets and a professional-quality newsletter. Membership fees are $30.00 USA, $35 Canada, and $40 for any other countries. Membership includes six issues of S-E-ES Magazine. There are now over 2800 members from coast to coast, Canada, and eight foreign countries!

The club's purpose is to encourage the ownership, proper operation and maintenance, recognition, preservation, and restoration of all Volvo 1800 sports models and to serve as a source of technical information. Their newsletter, Volvo S-E-ES, is published six times a year, and features reprints of Volvo 1800 test, columns and articles on mechanics and restoration, classified ads, parts discount sources, plus annual supplements.

Local chapters throughout the United States hold regular meetings, technical sessions, and various other events to help members care for their Volvo. National meets are held yearly in August on both the East and West coast. Concours judging, rallies, swap meets, banquets, and technical workshops highlight the weekend's events.

Volvo Sports America/1800 Register
c/o Marty Kern
PO Box 352
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Other Volvo 1800 Car Clubs Around The World

  • Australia: Volvo 1800/120 Club Australia Inc., PO Box 505, Everton Park, Queensland, 4053 Australia. Phone: (07) 55-366-977, FAX: (07) 55-366-010
  • Belgium: Volvo Club Belgie c/o Rudy Bauwens, Kapelstr. 19, 1551 Oetingen, Belgium.
  • Denmark: Volvo 1800 Klub Danmark c/o Niels Christensen, Strandholms Alle 46, DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.
  • England: P1800 Register c/o Tony Witton, Adriglyn Fen Road, Pakenham Bury St. Edmunds, England.
  • England: Volvo Owner's Club c/o John Smith, 18 Macaulay Avenue, Portsmouth, Hants., PO6 4NZ, UK, (http://www.volvoclub.org.uk/volvo/).
  • Finland: Suomen Volvo 1800 kerho ry, chairman Richard Grotenfelt, Rantamajankuja 4, 02700 KAUNIAINEN, FINLAND (Phone +358 50 52 888 44).
  • Germany: Volvo 1800 IG Deutschland c/o Alfred Erckens, IM Jueden 40, D-7520 Untergrombach, Germany.
  • Holland: Volvo 1800 ES Register c/o J.J. Verschuur, Willem Keystraat 2, NL-5143 GD Waalwijk, Holland.
  • Holland: Volvo 1800 c/o A.v.d. Beek, Dr. V. Haeringenplantsoen, 2151 AS Nieuw Vennep, Holland.
  • Norway: Norsk Volvo 164/P1800 Klubb, Postboks 73, N-1790 Tistedal, Norway.
  • Norway: Norsk Sportsvogn Klubb (NSK)/P1800 register c/o Jan Erik Langli, Kong Haakons Plass 2, 1532 MOSS, Norway, Phone +47 69 25 24 18, (http://www.sportsvogn.no/).
  • Sweden: Svenska Volvo P1800 Klubben c/o Lars Andersson, Box 11049, S-720 11 VASTERAS, Sweden, (Phone +46 (0)21 182051), (http://www-pp.hogia.net/volvop1800club/www/).
  • Switzerland: Vereinigung Schweizerischer VOLVO P-1800 Besitzer, Poststrasse 5, CH-8307 Effretikon, Switzerland, (Phone and Fax ++41 52 343 23 80), (http://www.p1800.org/, e-mail: info@p1800.org).

Volvo-related Sites on the Web

Volvo-related Internet Mailing Lists

  • VCOA is an unmoderated mail list and open to anyone. It is an automated listserver sponsored by the VOLVO CLUB of AMERICA. Just send "subscribe vcoa" in the body of an e-mail message to Majordomo@kryten.atinc.com for complete info.
  • SwedishBricks is a closed mail list. Send e-mail to majordomo@shore.net with a request to be added of "subscribe swedishbricks ". When the list owner approves your request, you will be notified. The list is a closed list, that is, you must be a member to post to the list, and membership, while free, is by approval of the list owner. For more information, visit SwedishBricks.



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